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Musket cove marina, Fiji

17 46.2 south  177 11.5 east

I’m posting this report on Yachtplot too.

 We made our way back to Suva and successfully sorted out Bill’s passport.  We have also spent 2 weeks out in the Exploring Isles in the Lau group, which was probably the most spectacular anchorage we have anchored in in the whole of the South Pacific if not our trip so far.  We returned to Savusavu where we originally checked in with the BWR to wait for yet more rigging spares and then spent 3 days day-sailing back to Musket cove.  That’s where we are now waiting for a weather window to NZ.  There’s quite a lot of other boats here also waiting.  Sadly we missed a perfect one by 2 days and it now looks like the next one won’t be until 1st November so we’ll just have to hang out in the Island bar and keep cool in the pool – it’s going to be tough!! 

I now have full control of the website (blogsite) and both Bill and I are busy updating it.  You should see reports appear most days until we bring it up to date. We are putting on the reports that have been written during the year so you’ll be able to see our photos and find out what we’ve been up to.

(If it comes up with a strange message about viewing at the beginning click ‘no’ or else the photos won’t display properly)

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