Tour of South Island – Day 4

Thursday 10th February. 

View across Lake Wanaka

We had a wonderful evening watching the last of the sun go down over the mountains but it was a very cold night.  We woke up to 8C, not good for a bad back.  We packed up and continued on the Haast pass.  Up to this point we didn’t have a mobile signal but as we got nearer to Wanaka the phone burst into life.  We had a message from Peter and Margie to let us know they were in Wanaka and suggested meeting at midday.  This worked out well because that’s the time we had planned to arrive there. 

Beautiful cloud formation across Lake Hawea

We sat back and enjoyed our drive along the captivating shores of Lake Wanaka, the crystal clear waters sparkling on our right hand side.  The road continued over a short rise and then we had Lake Hawea equally magical on our left side.  New Zealand is stunning beautiful.  Every corner brings a new vista more breath taking than the last.  We arrived in Wanaka and met up with Peter and Margie.  It was a lovely day so we had a picnic by the lake. 

'I can't hold it up much longer' (look at the clock)

Wanaka is home to Puzzling World, which provides teasing entertainment for all ages with its challenging maze and mind-boggling illusions.  This tower is at the entrance – look a bit closer at the clock!  We all decided to try the maze.  On entry we were faced with the instructions ‘Make your way to each of the four coloured corners, one by one, then make your way out’.  Well this was easier said than done.  Bill and I stayed together but Peter and Margie separated. 

The maze at Puzzling World

It was a three dimensional maze because there were two lots of stairs over the top that lead to different part of the maze, it was really intriguing.  This photo shows only about a quarter of the maze.  We managed to find 3 of the towers but couldn’t get to the fourth.  By standing up in the towers you could see how to get to the next entrance but there were always twists under the stairs that you couldn’t see.  There were emergency exits into the café in the centre and I have to admit, after an hour and a half of wandering around trying to find the fourth tower, I took.  Bill continued and found the fourth tower but decided against going half way round again to get to the exit.  Well done to Peter and Margie because they both did it. 

Peter made it to the Green tower

This is Peter in one of the towers with their camper just sticking out from behind and the next photo is one of the illusions!

One of the optical illusions

Sadly we left Wanaka without having time to look around it but we needed to press on.  We drove alongside Lake Dunstan which was just as beautiful as the ones we had passed earlier.  We headed down to Arrowtown passing the 45º latitude on our way.  We all camped at an organised campsite just outside the town which had showers.

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