Tour of South Island – Day 16

Tuesday 22nd February

It rained very heavily over night so we waited for a break and quickly put the tent away just before it started again.  We drove over to the hut to cook some breakfast but Peter and Margie thought we had left and drove off too.  Not to worry we’ll soon find them again, we seem attracted to them some how.  We drove back down past Lake Pukaki and turned towards Christchurch. 

Church of the Good Shepard

We stopped at the church of the Good Shepard next to Lake Tekapo on the way.  Built in 1935 to commemorate the pioneer farmers of the area the picturesque small stone chapel has the most amazing backdrop of the milky glacial turquoise lake with Mount Cook behind it.  Sadly yet again Mount Cook was hiding behind the clouds so we didn’t get to see it.

Lake Tekapo

Strangely there in the car park yet again was Pete and Margie’s van; I told you they couldn’t get away from us! 

We had planned the whole trip around the 22nd and planned to meet Michael and Ger from Simanderal, another BWR yacht, in Christchurch that evening.  They had also flown to NZ from Australia and were doing the circuit in the opposite direction.  Today was our only chance to meet up with them.  I was talking to Margie and trying to call Ger when Bill felt a strange movement in the car….

As we drove towards Chch we heard on the radio that there had been another really bad earthquake to the east of the city.  Many buildings in the centre of town were damaged with many people killed or injured.  Clearly we couldn’t go into the city.  Eventually we managed to contact Michael and Ger but they had been diverted out of the city, ironically we had probably passed each other on the road as we continued to drive towards Chch.  We couldn’t go to the campsite we were going to stay at so Kate very kindly opened her doors to us again and Peter and Margie stayed on the drive.  Barry cooked one of his wonderful lasagnes.  We felt several big aftershocks that evening which is the strangest sensation.

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