Our position

41 17.3 South

174 47.1 East

Camomile sitting on the side with downtown Wellington behind her

Just to finish off my reports for NZ.  We crossed the Cooks Strait safely again and arrived in Chaffers marina Wellington.  There was a good lifting system there.  Camomile was motored gently into the slings and was lifted but then a rolling platform was placed under her enabling us to clean the hull and service seacocks, etc.  This is downtown Wellington behind her and this is the wonderful Te Papa museum.

The Te Papa museum next door to the marina


Camomile all spruced up and ready to go back in the water

We sat in the slings overnight and the marina staff dropped her back into the water the next day all spruced up.  We filled up with diesel and went back to the pontoon and I got on with the shopping.  The next day was Sunday and we met up with Sharon and Nigel who we had met in French Polynesia last year.  They took us for a drive around the area so we were finally able to deliver the last letter we had collected from the whalers post box in the Galapagos island a year before.  I think the people were a bit wary at first but once they realised what we were doing they were really pleased. 

The main square in city hall

The next day we decided to do a city tour.  We walked through the main square at city hall and along the street to the cable car.  We jumped on and it took us on a short journey up above the city to the gardens where we walked back down towards the parliment buildings and finally we walked around the old St Paul’s cathedral.

The cable car that took us up above the city

The wonderful view from the top

Walking through the gardens

Inside the greenhouses

The Beehive - the NZ house of commons

The entrance to the Parliament buildings

Inside the old cathedral

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