Napier to Niue – The middle 3 days

Friday 22nd April Day 4
position 34 31.9 south 178 09.1 West
165 miles in last 24 hours

Beautiful rainbow astern as we left NZ

We had the most beautiful rainbow over our stern this morning just after dawn. It was followed shortly after by passing the ‘quarter of the way there’ mark. I like to celebrate every little milestone because it takes my mind off the journey. We are up in lat 34 now so we can take our hat and gloves off during the day. We are getting a lot of squalls but they are helping us on our way and we are making good progress. We are also back in the western hemisphere. It’s Good Friday today. We were at sea for Easter last year and I made hot cross buns but I’m not making any this year, we are heeling too much. We had crumpets instead.

Saturday 23rd April Day 5
position 32 31.5 south 177 01.2 west
134 miles in 24 hours

Last night I spoke to my friend Anne on Hamah who are still waiting in Napier to leave. It seems the letter box of a weather window we left in has slammed shut and they’ve got northerlies forecast for the next week. We have now passed the ‘less than a 1000 miles to go’ mark. The wind dropped a bit today and we lost a bit of our speed but we’re still bouncing off the waves. James is best man today for one of his old school friends. Congratulations to Richard and Lucy on your wedding day.

Sunday 24th April Day 6
position 30 28.4 south 175 25.8 west
161 miles in 24 hours

Easter Sunday today and neither of us had the chance to buy Easter eggs before we left. It’s probably the first time ever that I haven’t had an Easter egg – lucky I’ve got plenty of chocolate hidden around the boat, extra rations today!! We reached the magical 30 degrees south today. It’s getting much warmer. I’ve put my boots, hat and gloves away and just have one layer under my jacket. We still go on deck in our salopettes because it’s still wet on deck with the squalls that keep going over us. We had 30kts of wind under one of them today but when they’ve passed they take the wind with them for about half an hour, very frustrating. It’s really difficult being on starboard tack (wind coming across the right side of the boat) all the time. I’m cooking ‘uphill’ so I’m strapped into the galley with a webbing strap. All the food is in the cupboards on the right hand side of the boat and we have to be really careful when we open a cupboard that things don’t go flying. There’s nothing out here, no ships, no yachts, no wildlife, nothing. Just the occasional bird flies over us. During the evening we passed the ‘half way’ mark, yeh. Happy Easter everyone.

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