The Royal Wedding

After the fiasco with the customs and tying and re-tying the boat we decided to go straight over to Pangaimotu island across the bay. We anchored next to the one other boat there, Larabeck, an American boat. We put the dinghy down and motored over to say Hello. Michael and Sharon had also left from NZ in the ‘letterbox’ window but from Auckland so had got there a day before us. (There still hadn’t been another good weather window out of NZ and there weren’t any other boats on their way yet. We heard 25 are waiting.) We went ashore to Big Mama’s, an island resort that teetered on the edge of the beach. To my delight there was a TV that had been wheeled in to watch the wedding and with several thumps and a twiddle of the ariel we got a picture. With the 12 hour time difference the live coverage wasn’t starting until 8pm so we had no choice but to sit down and enjoy a lovely meal with Michael and Sharon and enjoy a few beers, tough life! The 4 of us gathered at 8pm around the old crt tv with the staff and enjoyed the live coverage from the BBC world service. The staff cheered when the King of Tonga was shown going into the cathedral, they referred to him affectionately as G5 (George V). We all had a splendid evening which didn’t end until after 1am when we watched the procession of the carriages, good job the bar stayed open.

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