Noumea to NZ – day 3

Wednesday 26th October
Our position at 06.00 this morning
26 02.8 south
167 49.4 east
131 miles covered in the last 24 hours

We had a good night but we had a weak front come through at 23.00 which brought a wind shift. We had to put a reef back in the main but the good news is that we are heading more towards our destination – always a good thing. The bad news is the wind died at midday so we had to motor for 2 hours but at least it charged the batteries. The wind came back and we are now whizzing along with full sails up. We are still close hauled but not heeling quite as badly as we were. Without over sharing too much you need 3 hands to put your knickers on in the morning. Try putting your leg in a pant with one hand and then pulling them up whilst hanging on, it’s very difficult, but if you let go when standing on one leg you full straight over, it’s not very dignified! I have to wedge myself in some where; trousers are even worse. The temperature is starting to drop but it’s still 22C so not bad really. It’s spring in NZ and we are earlier than last year so it will be chilly for a few weeks. The sea is now only 18.3C so I won’t be going swimming. My evening watch is lovely because I get to see the sunset and with the evenings drawing out as we head south it stays lighter longer. Once the sun has gone down the stars come out and the luminescence in our wake is magical.

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