Noumea to NZ day 4

Thursday 27th October
Our position at 6.00 this morning
27 52.1 south
168 38.5 east
122 miles covered in the last 24 hours

As you can see we are making slow progress. We sailed all through the night but the wind was up and down and the speed kept dropping below 5 kts, which is the speed we really need to keep to. This passage won’t win any speed records. We keep being pushed west by a tide, yes even out here they have tides. The wind dropped this morning again and we motored east for 2 hours to try and get onto a better course. This meant the boat was upright for a few hours and it created hot water so I managed to have a shower and wash my hair instead of just washing ‘bits’ (over sharing again). We passed the half way mark this afternoon but that’s sometimes as depressing as thrilling because it means we’ve got to do it all again. During the afternoon the wind turned more to the north east so we were able to continue sailing. One final thing, we have an emergency situation on the boat – we’ve run out of chocolate!!

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