Noumea to NZ days 5 & 6

One bad day and one good day.

Friday 28th October
Our position at 6.00 this morning
29 22.4 south
169 45.6 east
118 miles covered in last 24 hours

Note the angle of the cup in relation to the tea inside

We seem to be going slower and slower and we continue to be pushed west with the current and easterly winds. We are still close hauled and trying to point as high into the wind as we can but life on board is pretty difficult. At 10.30 this morning we threw in the towel and put the engine on to try and drag the boat further east up the wind. There’s a reef in the main to steady us but we took the genny in. To make matters worse the sea is back up again and we are slamming into the waves. The voyage forecast we applied for before we left did warn of this, it’s probably left over from high winds in the Tasman sea. We continued to motor until 5pm and made quite a bit of easting but it was a slow process with speeds of only 4 – 4.5 kts. Then we put a second reef in the main and pulled the genny out again. The boat is really heeling this evening. Sleep is practically impossible with the boat crashing through the waves. I’m so over this passage.

Saturday 29th October
Our position at 6.00 this morning
30 54.4 south
171 06.5 east
121 miles covered in the last 24 hours

It was a bad night and neither of us got much sleep but it seems better today. The sea has calmed down and we made good progress overnight. I didn’t want to disturb Bill’s morning sleep so I didn’t listen to the morning SSB sked to give our position in but finished my book instead. We haven’t seen any wildlife on this passage but we are starting to see birds now, a good sign land is near. The tide kicked in against us at midday slowing us down again, it’s so frustrating. I had my usual afternoon nap but didn’t wake up until 5.10pm and the afternoon sked is at 5pm. I turned it on to see what was happening to discover Camomile was the main topic of conversation with everyone really concerned about our whereabouts. I assured everyone we were fine but it was nice to think we were missed. That’s the good thing about rallies. It’s getting colder, Bill’s got socks on for the first time since we left NZ in April and I’ve got my UGG boots on.

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