Our third week in Opua at the All Points rally

Bill got to meet Bob McDavitt

Our third week in Opua was taken up by the events of the All Points rally.  There was a good selection of seminars and evening events.  Bill got to meet Bob McDavitt, the self-appointed weather guru for the South Pacific.  We’ve used him three times now for our passages to and from New Zealand and found his voyage forecasts to be spookily accurate. 


Prize giving night

On the last evening, Saturday, there was a pork roast followed by prize giving when all the prizes John and Lyn have begged, borrowed or stole are given out.  Every boat present gets a prize.  We won a $200 dollar voucher for something we couldn’t use but managed to sell it for $100 to someone who could – result. 



Bill helping on the bar

Bill and I offered to help serve the food but Bill ended up on the bar – talk about putting the fox in charge of the chickens!! 






Sally and Sue resting after serving Roast Pork and trimming to several 100 people

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