We’ve checked into the Solomon Islands

Our position on 1st September 2012
10 45.5 south
165 49.3 east
Lata, Ndendo island, the eastern most Solomon island to check in.

The market in Lata

Finally achieved an odd ambition of being the only white person on an island yesterday. Walked around the little town with everyone looking at me but they were friendly. Even with my tan I looked white next to the Melanesians. When they smile at you they have red teeth and gums from sucking betel nut, it looks very odd. We have only seen one other boat in the past week and only one other English boat on the 21st August, the first for weeks. Saw quite a few Aussie and US boats in Vanuatu and a few kiwis but it’s very remote here. We know of a few boats ahead of us in the Solomons, hopefully meet up with them soon. It’s an amazing thing to see the little canoes coming out to us. The children are gorgeous, lots of hair but no clothes. Their faces light up when I produce even the simplest things like a bit of chewing gum or a t-shirt. It makes you realise how materialistic the western world is! We’ve got lots of photos but no chance of putting any thing on the website until we get to Oz. Love to everyone

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  1. Good to hear from you – was thinking it had been a while – really enjoying your posts. When are you due in Sydney? Hope we can get together.

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