Australia to Indonesia – Day 1

Our position at 10.00 28th July (look it up on Google earth)

11 degrees 48.8 south
128 degrees 43.5 east
127 miles in 24 hours

Sunset on our first night

Sunset on our first night

Our first day at sea has been mostly motoring without any wind. Last night the wind came up for about 4 hours then died but this morning it’s back again and we are sailing with the twizzle out. The wind is still very light so I don’t know how long it will last.
We weren’t sad to leave Australia, it was very expensive with a high cost of living and a bad exchange rate for our , but we were sad to leave our Aussie friends. We were made to feel welcome by our past cruising friends and cousin John and Helen. Also we said goodbye to Kennedy on Far Star, a single hander from Alabama, USA. Kennedy is always very friendly and would help any one but he wants to get back home to see his grand children so he leaves for South Africa in a few days. So long Buddy.
It’s strange traveling with so many boats around us. 50 yachts crossed the start line yesterday with another dozen or so following on in the next week or so after they’ve sorted out various problems. There’s another 20 or so who have gone north to Saumlaki and we join together half way through the rally. We are roughly in the middle of the field according to my net that I’m running in the mornings. It’s quite difficult taking the positions of that many boats but we don’t do weather and I’m very strict with everyone!! The weather is the same right across the Timor sea. Our first stop is Kupang in West Timor (and in case you thing there’s fighting going on there, the fighting stopped 10 years or so ago). It should take us 3 1/2 to 4 days to cross; a bit like a Biscay crossing so it’s not too far. Sleep is always difficult the first couple of days with the watch system but eventually I’m so tired I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow at the end of my watch.
We saw a pod of Pilot whales yesterday but nothing else since. The fishing line is out optimistically but we aren’t good at catching fish. Love to everyone, Bill and Sue

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