Another 48 hours at Sea

Our position at 10.00 Tuesday 30th July
10 degrees 42.1 south
124 degrees 40.3 East
Day 2 122 miles in 24 hours
Day 3 129 miles in 24 hours

Early morning sunrise under the twizzle - one of the true joys of sailing the oceans

Early morning sunrise under the twizzle – one of the true joys of sailing the oceans

So far we are having a wonderfully boring but SAFE passage out here, long may it last. Sunday we had a light south easterly wind blowing so we managed to get the twizzle up and either sail or motor sail most of the day. At about 18.30 the wind veered to the south so we put the twizzle away and hoisted the main and a single genny and sailed most of Monday. Last night was a bit concerning because the boats ahead of us (this is when it pays not to be in the lead) were reporting groups of fishing nets with strobes on them. We have been warned about Indonesian fishing nets but we weren’t expecting them yet. I think it was because we passed the Dillon shoals last night where the sea bed goes from 500 meters to 13 meters, at it’s shallowest point, and it’s probably good fishing ground. The wind died over night and we’re motoring again.
I’ve got about 50 yachts reporting into my SSB radio net in the morning and all is well although this morning one boat reported loss of power in their engine and will have to sail the rest of the way, which will be difficult without any wind. When they get nearer one of us can take them in tow.
So we’ll motor on today unless the wind picks up and should be in Kupang first thing in the morning. Soooooooooooooo excited at the thought of arriving in Indonesia. Take care
Sue x
PS STILL no fish! Now have 2 lines out 24 hours.

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