Phuket to Sri Lanka day 4

Position at 10.00 Sunday 31th January
24 hour run from 10.00 30th to 10.00 31st 159 miles average 6.62 kph 465 miles to go

This is our fifth day at sea and still hanging on for dear life, literally. When I’m down below I have to swing from hand hold to hand hold to save me from falling across the boat because Camomile is heeling into a beam reach which she enjoys. I have a galley strap to stop me falling when I’m cooking which brings a whole new meaning to ‘tied to the kitchen sink’! It’s hot down below with all the hatches shut although the little one in the forward heads (bathroom) is open because it’s on the port side and doesn’t get splashed, just the odd trickle off the coach roof. At least the deck is nice and clean. We’re being very careful wearing life jackets when we’re on watch on deck. We also wear Raymarine life tags, which set off an alarm if one of us goes overboard while the other one is sleeping. We take it in turns to sleep and always have someone on watch although there’s only been one container ship on the horizon in the last 24 hours. Also no squalls for 24 hours and nothing showing on the gribs, although that doesn’t mean anything because the gribs aren’t always right. Harry the Hydrovane is steering us beautifully.
Food isn’t very inventive at the moment, we had a ‘slop dinner’ last night which was a bit of pasta with a boli sauce tipped over it. Might break out a homemade frozen dinner from the lovely Sailors shop in Langkawi this evening, beef Rendang I think. Yum yum.
You can see by our stats that we are making good headway. Our speed hasn’t gone below 6kts in the last 24 hours except when a freak wave hits us (bigger than the rest) and there’s quite a few of those. The waves were about 1 1/2 to 2 metres tall yesterday, which sounds big but they don’t break over us but lift us up and go under us. They’ve calmed down a bit today but we’ve also still got at least a knot of current helping us along.
On the net last night Nicone is still behind us to the south, Inspiration Lady is about 140 miles behind us and Tintin is only 35 miles to the north of us but slightly in front so looks like they will be buying the ice creams when we get in.
On my 18.00 log reading I discovered our longitude was 090 degrees east. Longitude are the long lines that go down the globe north to south. The Greenwich meridian line is 0 degrees. The 090 degree west was the Galapagos, one of our favourite spots around the world. 180 degrees was Fiji; another gem among our world travels. Now 090 degrees east is passed which means we are three quarters of the way around the world, although not three quarters of the way home because we’ve got to go to the Caribbean and back yet; but we are on our way home.
Another milestone passed last night was the half way point, it’s always better counting down; the second half always seems to go faster.
BTW I can’t see facebook. The website has an email address (it’s very obscure you won’t guess it) which I send an email to. It gets automatically posted on the website, which is linked to facebook. Our son sends us notes of messages, thank you for all your good wishes. I’ll answer them when we get to port. I’d love to hear from any one if you fancy dropping me an email. Our email address at sea is mdqf6 @ (but take out the spaces I’ve put in to stop spam)
I like to end on a funny note. I came up on deck yesterday and noticed Bill had tied the new ensign (flag) up. When asked why his reply was ‘Lizzy was tickling Harry on the chin’! Mad as a box of frogs, that’s all I need a skipper going senile!!

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