Sri Lanka to Maldives day 2

Position at 10.00 Monday 29th February
24 hour run from 10.00 28th to 10.00 29th 127 miles average 5.29 kph 483 miles to go

Did anyone spot my mistake in yesterday’s report? I said it was Tuesday instead of Sunday. Haha we never know which day of the week it is.

We struggled yesterday with the adverse current and the lack of wind. We put the cruising chute up at midday, always a fun occupation, and turned the engine off. Sadly it was only out for 2 hours before we saw squalls building behind up including a water spout. We could see disturbance in the sea where it was hitting it, scary, so the cruising chute had to come down. Fortunately it dissipated quickly and didn’t come near us. By 20.00 we started losing the current and making a bit of headway as we entered the curve of the land at the south eastern corner. The wind was coming round behind us and Bill put the twizzle rig up, turned the engine off and we sailed all night with really good speeds. As we turned in a more westerly direction Bill took the twizzle down and sailed with just the main up. We’ve now got about 2 kts of current with us which is giving us a good speed.

I ran a net this morning. I’ve moved it to 05.00 utc which is 10.00 in the Maldives, 10.30 in Sri Lanka, 12.00 in Thailand and 13.00 in Malaysia. Starting on 4036 and moving to 8110. Managed to speak to Inspiration Lady with a good signal and also Tintin. Tintin is very close but Inspiration Lady is about 30 miles behind us. It seems like a better time for propagation so I’ll go with that time for a while. Anyone welcome.

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