Camomile leaves the Maldives

My lovely card

My lovely card

Firstly I want to say a big thank you for all my wonderful birthday messages on facebook and email.  It means a lot to me being so far from home.  I had a wonderful day as many of you saw from my photos. It started with Norman and Sara coming over first thing with a little present and a home made card for me. How thoughtful.

BIOT stands for British Indian Ocean Territory which is where we are headed next.
It continued with a delicious cappuccino at the Seahouse in the town followed by a light lunch.
The bar at the Equator village

The bar at the Equator village

Bill had booked a day room in the Equator village a resort created from a British RAF base when it was vacated in 1976.  The rooms are in neat rows having been former barracks. The reception, bar and dining areas have been created from the old officers mess having now been completely redecorated.
It had a real colonial feel about it but best of all you could get a cold beer at the bar. From the bar you step out onto the pool area. I did a circuit of the pool but preferred to sit in the air con, we sit in the heat all the time.
The wonderful pool with the spa in the building behind.

The wonderful pool with the spa in the building behind.

At 3pm my treat for the day was a full massage. The spa was in the area behind the pool, it had air con and a ceiling fan and while I had my wonderful relaxing massage gentle music was playing in the background. I don’t know how I stayed awake. I came out all covered in oil so enjoyed a long long shower in our room. Norman and Sara joined us for sparkling wine before we all went to dinner. Very civilised.
The dining room

The dining room

Our position in the Addu atoll

Our position in the Addu atoll

We have spent the last few days doing last minute shopping,  getting the boat ready for the next part of our journey and checking out of the Maldives. We have been anchored at

00 41.194S
073 08.653 E
It’s a small lagoon next to the island of Gan and there’s only 5metres of water here which is better than 25 to 30metres outside. The biggest problem here is the flies the nets are in all the time otherwise we would be inundated by them.  Camomile is at the little red arrow.  Several of the islands are linked by a narrow causeway built by the British which enables you to walk to the other islands but it’s a hot walk without any shade, it’s easier to talk the dinghy.  There are quite a few shops on Feydhoo along with a small harbour that has a vehicle fuel station in between the harbour and the road so serves both road and sea.  It’s possible to take your boat in there and tie up to the wall to take on fuel but we just took the jerries in the dinghy. We are carrying extra petrol for this leg for dinghy use and the small generator.
We have woken this morning to hear the wind blowing as the forecast has been saying for the last couple of days (sometimes they get it right) there are a few last minute jobs to do then we will be off to Chagos (BIOT). We won’t have any phone signal for about 5 weeks so no facebook, no Whatsapp, on internet. The only only way to contact us will be on mdqf6 @ (take out the gaps).  Do email me whenever you get the chance, I love to read how things are going in the different parts of the world that all our friends live in.  We may not post our position because of the sensitive area we will be travelling in but don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine.  Be good every one. Bill and Sue xx

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  1. Sharon Burton

    Have a safe trip – we’ll be thinking of you.

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