Madagascar to South Africa – day 3

Camomile’s position at 10.00 Monday 17th October
18 15S
039 47E
Our 24 hour run to 10.00 this morning was 152 miles compared with 118 miles yesterday

We motored all day yesterday, it was boring but I had a busy baking day and made bread, a banana loaf and some muesli cookies. The good news was we seemed to pick up about a knot of fair current so that helped us on our way. Our boat speed was about 6kts with only 1800 revs. Our course was around 230 degrees and Bill’s strategy was to do a 24 hour “burn” to place us squarely in the forecast NE airflow off to our west. The wind started to build during the evening and the engine was finally turned off at midnight exactly 24 hours from it being turned on the night before. Bill sailed Camomile through the rest of the night while I tried to get some sleep before we swopped over at 05.30, it’s starting to get a bit chilly at night as we head south.
On the net this morning I took all the positions of the other boats with us. Tintin were about 40 miles behind us sailing nicely too. Fruit de Mer were sailing with light winds but Norsa and Solstice are waiting for the wind to fill in. They left after us and are 2 days behind us. The net was on 8110mHz this morning and will continue on that. Afterwards I managed to listen to SAM net on 14316mHz and he was able to give me a forecast for the next couple of days which were looking good.
So at 10.00 this morning we had 15 kts of northerly wind and sailing goose winged on a course of 185 degrees at a speed of 7 – 8kts. You can see from our 24 hour mileage runs that things have improved.

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