Madagascar to south Africa – day 6

Camomile’s position at 10.00 Thursday 20th October
24 02S
036 09E
Our 24 hour run to 10.00 this morning was 153 miles which is back up again now we have the current with us.

After our eventful day the day before we had a difficult night with 20 – 25 kt winds (F6), moderate sea and many waves over the bow. We had 2 reefs in the main, which Bill says is good for up to 40kts, and half the genny out, which didn’t seem any worse for wear after taking a swim. It was difficult to sleep with the boat being thrown all over the place.
By 06.00 it had started to ease off to 17 – 20kts and the sea calmed down a bit. After the net at 09.00 I tuned to SAMnet on 14316 again and he gave us a very good weather forecast with detailed wind speeds and direction for the next 48 hours, fortunately no more big winds forecast for the next few days so we shook one of the reefs out and unfurled all of the genny.
Bill spent the day looking at weather then rechecking the weather, our life is ruled by the weather! At our 14.00 sked with Tintin Bill and Kevin discussed the weather further. The problem is do we stop in Maputo or do we keep going to Richards bay. Only 2 boats have done the passage in one go this year and they both had strong winds at the end. The trick is to time it so you arrive in between the strong winds; there are usually a few days in between each blow. We assess it day by day and take it one day at a time. It’s difficult to predict when we’ll get in because the boat speed is variable. Part of the problem is the current, according to the OSCAR files we should have good current for the rest of way and it’s been fairly accurate so far so fingers crossed. The current is amazing here, after 2 days of looking over the side of the boat and thinking ‘we’re going much faster than this’ we now have it the other way round. On my evening watch there was only 12kts of wind but we had a boat speed of 6.5 to 7kts it didn’t feel like we were going that fast. It’s also getting colder as we head further south. I had a fleece and my UGG boats on for my evening watch and Bill wore a fleece and his middle layer salopettes for the first time since NZ for his night watch.
We both managed to catch up with our sleep last night and feel better this morning. SAMnet says the wind will be backing to North East later today so that will mean more sail changes later today. Finally, Camomile has left the Tropics.
After 3 1/2 years in tropical waters we crossed the tropic of Capricorn this morning, we’ll cross back into the tropics in 3 months time on our way to Nimibia. So that’s it for today I’m off to make bread now.
All’s well on board.

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