Madagascar to Sout Africa – Day 7

Camomile’s position at 10.00 on Friday 21st October
26 06S
034 28E
Our 24 hour run to 10.00 this morning was 168 miles
204 miles to go to Richards bay

The main feature of our day yesterday was speed. As you can see our 24 hour run was good giving us an average speed of 7kts. This was achieved by the good winds and current we had yesterday. Although the winds weren’t strong, a nice F3 from the ESE giving us a beam reach, it was our second day with good current, that gave us the extra 1 1/2 knots. The Agulhas current has a fierce reputation in this area and around the Cape of Good Hope. Further north it doesn’t flow in the same direction all the time, as we discovered, but swirls around, hence the reason it was against us for 2 days. During the night we passed Ponta Zavora and now the current is more consistent and flowing north to south. That’s ok as long as you don’t get a southerly buster coming up against the current, which is what causing the big seas. We are in daily contact with Sam on SAMM (south African maritime mobile)net and his forecasts have been very accurate. We are now on the rhumb line to Richards bay and it’s looking good for our entry tomorrow. I spent 15 minutes on the radio with him this morning taking down 6 hourly forecasts for the next 48 hours. The main feature later today is NE 25 – 30 kts which is high but will be behind us so hopefully will give us a final push. One more day of prayers and fingers crossed.
Finally I want to wish my beautiful niece Kirsty and her fiancee Alex a very Happy Wedding day. Uncle Bill and I wish you a wonderful day today and a very happy life together. So sorry we can’t be there in person but you are in our thoughts. Look forward to seeing the photos. XX XX

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