South Africa to the Caribbean – day 4

Our position at 10.00 (09.00 GMT)Monday 23rd January
30 30S
012 27E
We have 1326 miles to go to St Helena and our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 141 miles.

We’ve had a good 24 hours but our speed has slowed down. We managed to catch up on sleep yesterday and I spent the day writing while Bill was reading and studying weather forecasts. The wind was forecast to back to a more southerly direction so we made a bit more westing south of the rhumb line and rigged the twizzle ready for the following winds that were predicted for later that day. We are eating well, we always eat like kings at the beginning of a passage. I had salmon and avocado pitta bread for lunch and lamb shank (pre cooked) potatoes and broccoli for dinner. The sea is a bit warmer now at 22C which in turn has warmed the air up and I didn’t put quite so many layers on for my night watch. One ship passed us last night quite close.

The wind continued at F4 for the rest of the day but by 22.00 it had dropped to F3 and at 4am Bill decided to take the main down, change course and fly the twizzle. I was not amused because I let him have a good 5 hour sleep before waking him at 1am and I only got just over 2 hours. As he needs to go up on deck to set the twizzle and I have to do the cockpit work we both have to be up. The twizzle was set for about 6 hours but the wind continued to drop and our speed halved from yesterday to 4kts +/-. Eventually at 10.00 when our speed dropped to 2.7kts we gave up and put the engine on. I don’t mind being patient for a while but we’ve got a lot of miles to do and I don’t want to be out here for weeks.

So the journey continues. I hope these blogs are going through to our facebook page but remember we can’t see facebook or your kind comments. If you wish to contact us please use mdqf6 @ (but take the gaps out) I love to hear from you. xx

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