South Africa to the Caribbean – day 8

Our position at 10.00 (09.00 GMT)Thursday 26th January
23 51S
003 42E
We have 711 miles to go to St Helena and our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 158 miles.

I have to start off today’s report with an apology to my nephew. We were not 120 miles from Tristan da Cunha but 1200 miles! How many spotted my mistake? I could lie and say I left a zero off but I didn’t. I miscalculated on the latitude scale on the side of the chart – and I’m supposed to be the navigator. It’s a miracle to me how we got this far. Any way I’m sorry Tristan, Auntie Susan is madder than a hairy egg – but then you already knew that!

Nothing new with the sailing, our F4 has continued for 24 hours now. We still have 2 reefs in the main and the genies are adjusted in or out depending on the seas. Sometimes the sea builds up to 2 meters in gusts of 20 – 22kts and then later will go down again. It still makes sleeping difficult as the boat is rolling quite a bit. I spoke to our friends on Norsa and Solstice on the net yesterday morning as they had just left Cape Town to join us in St Helena. I spoke to them again this morning and they were all doing well.

Big excitement at 6.30 yesterday evening as we crossed our half way point to St Helena, which also means we have completed an eighth of our total journey. I celebrated with a glass of wine with our spaghetti bolognese. Normally we never drink on passage but as it’s so quiet out here and no ships have been sighted I thought it would be ok. Our angels must have been watching because shortly after that a ship hove onto the horizon to remind us not to be complacent.

So the journey continues. These blogs go through to our facebook page but remember we can’t see facebook or your kind comments but thank you for them, I look forward to reading them when we arrive. If you wish to contact us on passage please use mdqf6 @ (but take the gaps out) I love to hear from you. xx

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