South Africa to the Caribbean – day 13

Our position at 10.00 (09.00 GMT)Wednesday 1st February
17 07S
004 24W
We have 102 miles to go to St Helena and our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 130 miles.

The wind was up and down yesterday with the engine on most of the day. The double gennies were out ready to catch the breeze and finally at 8pm it was strong enough to turn the engine off as we sailed through the night. The forecast is for the wind to remain with us for the rest of the day. It’s a nice gentle F3 so nothing too difficult. So we are nearly there, the GPS says 2am so hopefully we’ll get most of a nights sleep once we arrive. If we hadn’t had those couple of slow days we would have arrived during the day. Our plan for this journey to Florida is to do 500 miles a week. As this leg has taken us almost 2 weeks and we’ve covered about 1700 miles we have some miles in hand to spend a couple of weeks in St Helena. I can’t promise to write every day but I’ll try and post some photos of the journey. We’ve already been told the internet is GBP3.50 for half an hour.

It’s always interesting exploring new places and meeting new people and probably seeing some old friends on the boats already there and the ones due in.

So the journey continues. These blogs go through to our facebook page but remember we can’t see facebook or your kind comments but thank you for them, I look forward to reading them when we arrive. If you wish to contact us on passage please use mdqf6 @ (but take the gaps out) I love to hear from you. xx

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