South Africa to the Caribbean – day 43

Our position at 10.00 (12.00 GMT) Friday 4th March was
02 57S
032 05W
on a course of 310T with sunny skies.
Our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 today was 132 miles. Average 5.5kts.
We have 1899 miles to go to Barbados “Whoo we’re going to Barbados” can’t remember the rest of the words to the old song.

I put our clock back 1 hour yesterday to bring us in line with the daylight. As we’ve gradually made our way north west towards the equator we are back to 12 hours days but instead of getting light at 6am and dark at 6pm it was becoming later and not getting light until 7am plus the other boats had all changed their clocks to Fernando time so we followed suit.

We watched the clouds marching across the horizon yesterday to our north passing us by until just after dark a big black cloud crossed behind us taking all our wind. We wallowed around for an hour or two before our speed gradually picked back up again.

On the evening net Ganash who is 100 or so miles north of us was reporting NE squalls with strong gusts, Marieke III is only 35 miles south of us and was motoring as the squall that had taken our wind had also taken his, Solstice and Norsa are about 130 miles behind us and still enjoying south east trade winds and Antares had anchored safely next to WOW in the Fernando islands. I envy their complete nights sleep.

It felt like I had a bit of a lay in this morning getting up at 6am because that would have been 7am in the old time. Bill went back to bed while I took a watch. I sat there watching the clouds slowing form into a huge BLACK cloud bank to the north of us on our starboard side. At first it looked like it was going to miss us and go behind but then the wind started coming from the NE, it was the NE trade wind breaking through the ICTZ. The one disadvantage of the twizzle rig is it can’t take a wind shift so I put the auto pilot on (the hydrovane wouldn’t be able to control the boat in such a wind shift) and started to run with the wind in a south west direction – the wrong direction. The cloud split and enveloped us on both sides bringing with it heavy rain. I quickly shut all the hatches and stood on the steps watching the instruments. There was nothing I could do, poor little Camomile was running as fast as she could making 8kts. The black dark cloud passed over us like a thick cloak and I could see blue sky all around the horizon. We are supposed to be on a course of 310 degrees but now we were heading 260! Eventually the rain stopped and the cloud cleared leaving behind higher whiter cloud and I spent the next half hour gradually bringing Camomile back on course as the wind moved back to the east then east south east and our course was 305 degrees. All this had taken about 2 hours and Bill was still asleep. (I have to say normally it’s the other way round)

After all that we reached the waypoint north of Fernando and I advantaged the course onto the next one just south of Barbados 1905 miles to go


we are half way now. Half way from St Helena to Barbados and half way between Cape Town and Florida. So we are having a half way party today. I’ve got some steaks out of the freezer.

I made fish crumble last night. The piece of fish I had bought in St Helena had cut into 3 pieces, we had 2 last Friday but the last piece wasn’t enough for both of us on its own so I skinned it and cut it into cubes spreading it around the bottom of an ovenproof dish, then I took a tin of prawns I had bought in the Seychelles and sprinkled them over the top then added 2 x hard boiled eggs cut into quarters. I don’t have any capers (don’t like any way) but had some little gherkins in the fridge so cut up 3 of those. It was starting to look nice and colourful. Then I chopped up half an onion and a couple of cloves of garlic and fried them in a little butter. Add a cup of white wine and some cornflour to thicken – not too thick not too runny, and poured that gently over the fish. Sprinkle with dill, salt and pepper. Now take half a cup of flour and rub in some knobs of butter and add a hand full of grated cheese and stir. Sprinkle that over the fish filling and pop in the oven for half an hour – delicious. I served on top of a portion of sliced carrots in a bowl as always.

All well on board. 🙂

The blog goes through to facebook but we can’t see facebook or your comments. I’ll catch up with them all in the Caribbean. If you wish to email us please use mdqf6 @ (take out the gaps) Stay safe everyone.

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