Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our friends and family. Sorry we haven’t been in touch but we are stuck in paradise without a phone or wifi signal. Warderick wells in the Exumas, Bahamas is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Camomile is on a buoy alongside a number of other yachts because we are waiting for a front to go over on Wednesday that may have 35 to 45kt gusts in it. The bay is very protected so we are staying here until the weather clears but there aren’t any phone masts near, hence no internet. At the moment we have blue skies, gin clear water, white sand beaches and sand cays at low tide, it’s stunning.

We celebrated the New Year last night at midnight GMT which was 7pm here. The anchorage the previous night had become very bouncy in the middle of the night because of a wind change and poor James and Kristina ended up sleeping in the cockpit. It was decided to leave at first light and the anchor came up at 6.30am so we were all very tired. After our ‘midnight’ at 7pm with our ‘bubbles’ Kristina and I were dancing on the deck while Bill and James smoked a big cigar each until they joined us. We went ashore at 9pm for a cruisers evening with chatting and pot luck nibbles but returned to Camomile at 11pm finally seeing in the new year on Camomile before falling into bed. It was a long day.

This morning the 4 of us took the dinghy, along with 3 other dinghies with cruisers, for a New Years day snorkel. The sun was out and the water so clear and warm. Kristina is doing really well with her snorkeling even though she hasn’t snorkeled before. When I get the internet back I’ll post some photos.

So again Happy New Year to everyone.

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