Another storm in paradise

Hi Everyone
We are sheltering from our second storm in the Bahamas. The locals say it’s unusual to have 1 let alone 2 storms at this time of the year. Story of our life!
Once again we have chosen the idyllic Warderick Wells in the Exuama Land and Sea Park to shelter. The buoys are arranged in a horse shoe around sand banks within a group of islands which gives very good protection as the front passes over and the wind veers round. It looks like we will be here until Monday. There was torrential rain last night and now the wind has started. 30 kts sustained at the moment which is forecast to rise; the wind generator is loving it.
Warderick Wells is paradise on earth, white sand beaches and sand banks, superb clear azure blue water (although it’s a bit milky at the moment with the wind disturbing it) and limestone islands BUT there isn’t any thing here except for a bunch of yachties and the park office so no phone masts or internet. James took some wonderful drone shots when we were here before which I’ll try and post when we get the internet back.
It’s good timing for me because something in my back has ‘clicked’ and I’m hobbling around the boat at the moment so it will be good to rest up for a few days.

Love to everyone from both of us. XX

This post is being sent through the SSB radio and will hopefully come through to facebook but we won’t be able to see any messages until we are back in wifi range.

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