Bermuda to the Azores – day 3

Our position at 10.00 (12.00 GMT) Monday 4th June
33 37 North
056 58 West 3 more steps today

We have a 1417 miles to go to the anchorage in Horta in the Azores and our hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 129 miles and our average has dropped to 5.3kts.

We’ve spent the last 24 hours bumping up and down latitude 33 degrees north. Partly because it’s a better point of sail for the twizzle and partly because there’s stronger wind north but we are making good progress to the east. The twizzle rig (or LPT as Bill likes to call it) was up all day yesterday and we were flying along but during the evening the wind gradually went round to the north west pushing us south east again. After listening to the weather at 20.00 and hearing the wind was clocking all the way round to the north, we decided to take it down before it got dark. I get nervous enough with Bill tottering around on deck, it would be worse in the dark. So the sails were taken in, Bill uncliped the polls from the clews and tied them to the pulpit. The main went up followed by the 2 gennys on the same side. Then a course was set to the north east and we sailed like that though the night. The wind dropped to F3 hence our average speed has dropped but at least we are still sailing. We have enough fuel to motor half the distance if necessary but not all the way. Some boats have had a lot of motoring this year because there was so little wind in May, June is supposed to be better.

Bill had a fun afternoon yesterday. While I was having my afternoon nap, to enable me to stay up on watch to 1am, the cooker jumped off it’s gimbles. I have a gas cooker/oven on board much like you would have in a caravan but because the boat heels (leans over) the cooker swings on gimbles to keep it level so the pans don’t slide off the top and everything tumbles out of the oven. Yesterday the seas were quite choppy and we were rolling from side to side quite badly. Suddenly a particularly large wave hit the side of the boat causing it to roll a bit more than usual and the cooker fell forward. On examination Bill discovered the trunions (pins) that the cooker swings on had literally been sawn through by the bracket. These are stainless steel and, in Bill’s opinion, badly designed. This is a Force 10 cooker that I bought in Thailand at considerable expense. Fortunately Bill got his box of ‘rubbish’ out and made new ones. Clever Billam.

Everything else is OK. My afternoon net is going well and it’s started to cool down as the wind turns to the north. Last night I had fleece leggings and a fleece jacket on during my night watch but this morning I’m back to shorts and t-shirts under a blue sky. I cooked a nice chicken curry last night (Bill didn’t mention the chick peas).For this evening I’ve got a piece of salmon out of the freezer which I’ll marinate in lime, ginger and chili then bake in silver foil in the oven. It will be served with potatoes and the last of the beans and broccoli before they go off.

I have sent our position to marine traffic this morning.

Thanks to my sister who is posting these twitterings on Facebook.

All’s well on board.

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