Bermuda to the Azores – day 6

Our position at 10.00 (12.00 GMT) Thursday 7th June

35 55 North
049 44 West 3 steps today

We have a 1020 miles to go to the anchorage in Horta in the Azores and our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 121 miles, down again because we did a lot of motoring yesterday and we sail faster than we motor.

After the big squall yesterday the wind went light and fluky. We managed 2 hours sailing at lunchtime but the speed went down and the sails were flapping so we took them down and put the engine back on. We need to keep up a speed of at least 5kts because there’s a possibility of a gale coming in at the end of next week and we want to be in port by then although the weather guy didn’t think it was going to materialise so fingers crossed. In the afternoon Bill put the twizzle rig back up and the twin headsails were giving us an extra knot but the wind wasn’t quite coming from the right direction to inflate them so he took them down at 6pm and we motored through the night. Bill woke me up at 5am to inform me we had wind, I won’t repeat my answer but got up and helped him put the sails up. He offered for me to go back to bed but there wasn’t much point I was awake now. I only get about 5 or 6 hours sleep a day on passage.

There’s a bit of wildlife out here now. Bill saw jumping dolphins yesterday afternoon while I was resting so I missed them. Also there are a lot of Portuguese Man’o’war jelly fish out here. At first I thought they were lumps of plastic floating then I realised they all look the same. The bit we can see is it’s body that it inflates, like a sail, so it gets blown along. All it’s stinging tendrils are underwater like an iceberg. Not seen them before. We are also on the lookout for whales of which there are many around the Azores I’m told.

Chicken and rice for dinner last night. Chicken, chopped red onion, bit of red pepper and yellow pepper, few frozen peas, s & p, an egg and some cooked rice. Stir it all up with some sweet chili sauce and place nicely in bowls again. (In reality it gets thrown in but that doesn’t sound so good. My food usually tastes nice but it’s difficult presenting food nicely when you’re heeling at 20 degrees and strapped to the cooker!)

Tomorrow morning we will pass the half way mark and I’m planning my half way party which obviously will involve chocolate!!

A very Happy Birthday to my baby tomorrow. Thomas will be 32 tomorrow but he’s still my baby 😉 love you lots XXXX

Thanks to my sister who is posting these twitterings on Facebook but I can’t see your replies, I’ll look forward to reading them when we get into port.

All’s well on board.

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  1. Lin & Bob (Ile Jeudi)

    Reading your blog avidly and feeling every roll and movement with you. Sending moral support, you are nearly half way!

    Best wishes

    Lin & Bob
    S/Y Ile Jeudi

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