Bermuda to the Azores – day 9

Our position at 10:00 (12:00 GMT) Sunday 10th June

36 23 North still traveling east on same latitude
042 31 West only 2 steps today

We have a 676 miles to go to the anchorage in Horta in the Azores and our 24 hour run from 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 this morning was back down to 117 miles.

Yesterday we continued motoring in the rain with calm seas. You can’t imagine flat calm seas in the middle of the Atlantic. The wind was building slowly at lunchtime so we put the sails up at 2pm and the engine went off at 2:30pm. By dinnertime the wind had veered and was coming from behind so Bill and I took the sails down AGAIN and put the twin headsails out on the twizzle rig before sunset. The wind started dropping again while Bill was asleep, I watched the speed get slower and slower. I didn’t want to put the engine on because I knew that would wake him but 4kts became 3.5 then 3.5kts became 3kts so when I saw 2.8kts flash up I put the engine on. It was 1am any way. So the twizzle rig came down and we’ve motored through the night. As I write this blog the wind is building again so the sails will be out soon.

Used the last of the peppers in a chicken stir fry last night. Got 1 carrot, half a white onion and a quarter of a red onion left (the American onions are huge) and potatoes and apples. Got lots of tins so we won’t starve.

I’ve given up marine traffic. It’s not working apparently so I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Thanks to my sister who is posting these twitterings on Facebook but I can’t see your replies, I’ll look forward to reading them when we get into port.

All’s well on board.

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