Azores to Spain or France – Day 3

Our position at 10:00 BST Wednesday 11th July

44 09 North
023 56 West and 2 steps further east.

Our course is taking us up the Bristol channel at the moment but still aiming to get to Camaret in France which is 832 miles to go and our run from 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 this morning was 137 miles giving us an average of 5.7kts. 🙂

The engine stayed on all day yesterday with flat calm seas so we took the opportunity to go round in circles to re-calibrate the evil one otherwise know as the Raymarine gyrocompass called the EV1, it’s always giving us trouble. Another SMART product but it’s not. It has a green light which is supposed to stay on but it blinks at us all the time. Of course Raymarine say it’s fine but I digress. The wind started filling in from the WNW in the afternoon so we put the main back up. By the time we’d finished dinner there was just enough wind to sail so the genny was pulled out and the engine went off at 19.15. We sailed NE all night in a F2/3 with speeds between 4.3 to 5.2 but overnight gradually the wind has gone round to the north, as forecast, and strengthened to F4 so we are now sailing 055T, almost to France. Our speed this morning is back up to 6.6kts. The wind is supposed to stay like this for a few days so we can sail further east.

Everyone knows I love statistics so yesterday we passed our quarter of the way from the Azores to Camaret. Today’s latitude of 44 North is three quarters of the way north from the US to the UK and it’s the same latitude as Maine in the US so this is as far north as we’ve been since leaving the UK.

Last night I had my fleece trousers on and a fleece over my t-shirt with my slippers which are like UGG boots, it’s getting colder.

I cooked a nice garlic and chili chicken stirfry with noodles last night. One of my favourites but Bill’s not keen because it’s too healthy. Food is going to change when we get home, he won’t like it but it will be good for him.

The website link to facebook is working now but it comes down via an email so I can’t see facebook. I’ll look forward to my messages when I get in.

Thanks to my sister Amanda for letting me know those dear little boys are safe in Thailand. Now I need the football results of the semi finals. Good luck to England this evening. I keep singing the song ‘It’s coming home’ but I’m thinking of Camomile coming home. 🙂

All’s well on board.

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