Azores to Spain or France – Day 4

Our position at 10:00 BST Thursday 12th July

44 54 North (
020 47 West (both lat and long are three quarters of the way from the US to the UK

Don’t think we are going to Spain now, our course is taking us to Camaret and it’s 697 miles to go. Our 24 hour run from 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 this morning was 139 miles giving us an average of 5.7kts. 🙂

We sailed all day yesterday with the wind picking up to F4 in the afternoon so we decided to put a reef in the main. We were advancing towards a trough with squalls in it so wanted to be ready. During the day it started getting cloudy with light mizzle as the front came over. Unfortunately it brought headwinds which, although light, weren’t very welcome so we motored into them for 3 hours. If we had tacked and sailed we would have been heading back to Portugal or even Morocco! Once through, the wind went back into the north allowing us to lay a course for Camaret. Making our northing at the beginning has helped and we didn’t want to lose it. Luckily we didn’t get any squalls but the front left behind a choppy old sea and sleeping was difficult last night. I changed beds and managed to get some sleep. Bill is having his sleep now. Sailing along nicely at 6kts now.

Shorts have gone away, it’s fleece trousers, fleece top and fleece jacket over that now. The hats and mittens might come out tonight. The north wind is cold.

I cooked salmon for dinner last night in my nice marinate. I’ve given you the recipe before but I’ll give it again. In a bowl mix a chopped piece of ginger, a spoon of chili paste, a good squeeze of honey and an even bigger squeeze of lime juice or juice a fresh lime is nicer. Mix together pour over the salmon that has been laid onto silver foil. Wrap it lightly into a parcel and bake in the oven for 15 minutes of so. served with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and a bit of salad. It still has to go in a bowl for serving because food on a plate at sea is a no no.

The website link to facebook is working now but it comes down via an email so I can’t see facebook. I’ll look forward to my messages when I get in.

Commiserations to England.

All’s well on board.

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