Azores to Camaret, France – Day 7

Our position at 10:00 BST Sunday 15th July.

46 51 North
012 14 West 3 steps nearer today

Our 24 hour run from 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 this morning was 135 miles giving us a better average of 5.6kts. We have 322 miles to go to Camaret.

We’ve motored the last 30 hours. Still tracking towards Camaret. The sky gradually cleared yesterday and it was a wonderful blue sky day, shorts were out again. Although we’re motoring our speed picked up through the day because we think we had been in adverse current again the day before. Our 24 hour run was much better this morning and hopefully we’ll be in Camaret Tuesday evening. Bill did the fuelling yesterday and we could motor the rest of the way if we had to but there’s wind promised for this afternoon. At the moment we have 100% cloud cover again with a front going over but the wind has already swung round to the SW so we just need it to pick up a bit and we might be able to get twizzle out.

I saw whales again yesterday afternoon. The sea is so smooth it’s easy to spot them. There are probably more out there but we aren’t on deck all the time. There’s only so much staring at the sea doing f*** all I can stand! (Micky Flannagan would love it out here. LOL (google him))It’s a bit like driving up the M1 to Scotland in 2nd gear in a driverless car and even then although motorways are boring the scenery does vary a little. Fortunately there’s nothing out here and I’ve got them on the chartplotter if any thing appears…… Just popped my head up to have a quick look out (Bill’s asleep) nothing there, the mizzle has stopped and the clouds are breaking up so it looks like the front is clearing. Still only 4kts of wind.

Made chicken curry last night with the last of some curry paste I bought in a little local shop in Nassau, it was hot! Just cooked the chicken in the paste to sauté add a tin of coconut milk and simmer. I usually add chick peas but I’ve ran out so put ordinary peas in with some potatoes and some other bits. Serve with rice, Bill’s favourite.

I’ve made bread this morning so that should wake Bill up when it goes in the oven. Made flap jacks too. My goodness that man is spoilt!!

The website link to facebook is working now but it comes down via an email so I can’t see facebook. I’ll look forward to my messages when I get in.

Finally Happy Birthday today to my brother-in-law Terry. Hope you have a good day.

All’s well on board.

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  1. Glad all is going well and no big problems during the trip, if you hurry up you might catch the mega heat wave we are having:

    Thanks for birthday wishes, lazy day and a nice meal out I think :

    Wishing you both a safe journey and see you soon


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