Maintenance log

This page is dedicated to my sons who fondly imagine their father finally putting his feet up and relaxing as he sails around the world – WRONG! Cruising is about breaking your boat on passage and then spending your time and money getting hot, sweaty and grumpy mending her in exotic locations when you should be out enjoying your dotage!

If in doubt give it a clout

If in doubt give it a clout (JES)

What follows is a litany of when and where, what was added, mended, adjusted or just beaten into submission to get it working again. It is by no means an exhaustive record just exhausting for the old boy. So aspiring blue water sailors take note, if you think this wont happen to you think again; What will you do all day? Cruisers and anoraks alike, if you can stay awake read on, and remember, it’s not a holiday, it’s an adventure!

So here come the stats and yes, I am sorry to say that, at the last count, I spent around 8% of my days so far doing stuff to keep the boat afloat. However, to put it another way I spent 92% of my days doing what I want. Good enough eh?






Job# Description Date Exotic Spot
968 Detect windlass down failure then  replace both windlass foot switches May ’17 Palm Beach US
967 Replace stainless wires on both dinghy davits May ’17 Palm Beach US
966 Re tighten prop shaft coupling (worked loose) May ’17 Palm Beach US
965 Repair boom gallows broken shackle April ’17 Palm Beach US
964 Re fix cockpit locker extinguisher April ’17 Turks & Caicos
963 Re fix engine fire extinguisher April ’17 Turks & Caicos
962 Engine service work April ’17 Turks & Caicos
961 Repair aft cab hatch hatch striker April ’17 Turks & Caicos
960 Replace propshaft anode April ’17 Turks & Caicos
959 Strip and lubricate mainsheet winch February ’17 St. Helena
958 Inspect rudder bearings February ’17 St. Helena
957 Engine service work February ’17 St. Helena
956 modify gas locker to accommodate one 9 kg gas bottle February ’17 St. Helena
955 Inspect and service gooseneck February ’17 St. Helena
954 Service engine injector pump January’17 Simon’s Town SA
953 Repair damage to radar reflector mounting point (UV damage) January’17 Simon’s Town SA
952 Remake x 2 twizzle outhauls January’17 Simon’s Town SA
951 Re seal quarterberth portlight – needs replacing. January’17 Simon’s Town SA
950 Replace starboard spreader hoist (chafed) January’17 Simon’s Town SA
949 Change impeller January’17 Simon’s Town SA
948 Tighten up mounting of starboard hand saloon port light to address leak January’17 Simon’s Town SA
947 Replace solar regulators to enable Ray 260 radio to operate without background noise January’17 Simon’s Town SA
946 Replace prop anode January’17 Simon’s Town SA
945 Replace Exhaust elbow December’16 Simon’s Town SA
944 Repair folding cockpit table leg (broken hinge) December’16 Simon’s Town SA
943 Service forward heads pump December’16 Simon’s Town SA
942 Replace Ray 260 VHF radio (under warranty) E70089 0350026 December’16 Durban SA
941 Tighten up mounting of port hand port light to address leak December’16 Durban SA
940 Steering system check December’16 Durban SA
939 Lubricate Hydrovane December’16 Durban SA
938 Engine service work December’16 Durban SA
937 Replace uv damaged horse shoe life bouys November’16 Durban SA
936 Running rig, replace uv damaged genoa sheets, uphaul and downhaul November’16 Durban SA
935 Aft cockpit cover, re-sew uv damaged stitching in zipped retaining pockets November’16 Richards Bay SA
934 Spray hood sew on zip for aft cockpit cover November’16 Richards Bay SA
933 Spray hood, re stitch side seam to remove baggyness November’16 Richards Bay SA
932 Repair broken workbench top surface November’16 Richards Bay SA
931 End for end anchor chain November’16 Richards Bay SA
930 Replace hot water calorifier November’16 Richards Bay SA
929 Outboard – Replace plugs, strip and clean carb. Replace oil & impeller November’16 Richards Bay SA
928 Replace galley Blakes seacock November’16 Richards Bay SA
927 Add one new anode to prop, polish and service November’16 Richards Bay SA
926 Service seacocks November’16 Richards Bay SA
925 Fit grille scoop to engine raw water inlet November’16 Richards Bay SA
924 Cut polish and wax hull November’16 Richards Bay SA
923 Antifoul keel and waterline strip November’16 Richards Bay SA
922 Repair and re-activate Cuprotect antifoul November’16 Richards Bay SA
921 Address slow leak in stbd saloon port light May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
920 Re-mount fire extinguisher in cockpit locker May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
919 Replace worn out pump in strum box May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
918 Re-run genoa halliard after splice break at top end May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
917 Repair broken handle on manual bilge pump May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
916 Rework main bilge pumprun to fix pressure blockage on one way valve May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
915 Modify clamping system on lateral solar arrays May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
914 Engine service work and change impeller and it’s cover plate May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
913 Plate leak in starboard water tank where baffle weld cracked surface May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
912 Add extra 2 hose clamps on leaky lower starboard water tank spigot May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
911 Replace aft head shower rtay bilge pump May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
910 Fit new mast head VHF antenna and run new coax back to set May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
909 Replace AIS antenna with refurbished mast head unit May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
908 Replace cracked lens assembly on steaming light and replace bulb May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
907 Fit new soap holder for transam shower. May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
906 Mend galley bin locker door catch May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
905 Repair leak in forepeak and aft cab hatch hinge areas May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
904 Rebuild engine raw water pump with new shaft seals and bearings May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
903 Replace watermaker lift pump May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
902 Replace aft safety gate pelican latch May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
901 Replace rod kicker gas strut and plastic insert May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
900 Engine service work May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
899 #1 reefing line replace boom section after cringle chafe May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
898 Replace bungy on cockpit cushion retainers May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
897 Engine service work May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
896 Repair work on aft cab mosquito screen May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
895 Repair forward heads overhead hatch plastic stay May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
894 Engine service work – replace leaking raw water pump seal May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
893 Repair twizzle (uphaul broken) May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
892 Replace morse control cable for gearbox May – Oct 16 Chagos/Mad/SA
891 Engine service work – replace raw water impeller (lasted 822 hours) March’16 Maldives
890 Replace leaky raw water pump seal (leaking seawater side) March’16 Maldives
889 Replace reef #1 rear end section broken on passage March’16 on passage
888 Rig temporary vang waiting repair of gas spring for rod kicker March’16 on passage
887 Add packing to stern gland January’16 Rebak/Phuket
886 Add watermaker intake “scoop” January’16 Rebak/Phuket
885 Antifoul, service seacocks and anodes (haul-out) January’16 Rebak/Phuket
884 Engine service work – change both fuel filters January’16 Rebak/Phuket
883 Engine service work – change gearbox oil January’16 Rebak/Phuket
882 Engine service work – Fit digital engine hour meter at 6426 hours January’16 Rebak/Phuket
881 Engine service work – Replace engine sump gaskit and change oil & filter January’16 Rebak/Phuket
880 Fill bolt holes in coachroof left by airco unit January’16 Rebak/Phuket
879 Install new cooker January’16 Rebak/Phuket
878 Make new back-up control head for secondry autopilot January’16 Rebak/Phuket
877 Modify tool draw to prevent it from opening when in rolly weather January’16 Rebak/Phuket
876 Put name lettering on newly painted dinghy transam January’16 Rebak/Phuket
875 Replace 12v socket by music radio for usb charging January’16 Rebak/Phuket
874 Replace cockpit drain seacocks x2 January’16 Rebak/Phuket
873 Replace D400 blades January’16 Rebak/Phuket
872 Replace Hydrovane sail January’16 Rebak/Phuket
871 Replace scuba pressure guages x2 January’16 Rebak/Phuket
870 Replace Sue’s bike gear shift cable January’16 Rebak/Phuket
869 Replace transam shower head and add arrest hook January’16 Rebak/Phuket
868 Replace watermaker membrane and 5 micron filter January’16 Rebak/Phuket
867 Service Twizzle rig January’16 Rebak/Phuket
866 Set up mount for Samsung tab January’16 Rebak/Phuket
865 Set up hardware, software & mounting system for Iridium GO! January’16 Rebak/Phuket
864 Wax hull & repair cove line January’16 Rebak/Phuket
863 Replace faulty 30a shunt for wind generator amp meter December’15 Rebak
862 Upgrade 12v power leads on new battery charger from 10 to 8awg (old ones warming) December’15 Rebak
861 Replace headsail November’15 Rebak
860 Replace perishable contents  of grab bag (batteries, first aid etc.) November’15 Straits Quay
859 Replace faulty lifebouy lamps (again) November’15 Straits Quay
858 Repair fault in windlass wiring (x2 corroded butt crimp connectors) November’15 Straits Quay
857 Replace oil seals on raw water pump shaft November’15 Pankor
856 Service liferaft November’15 Pankor
855 Re gas freezer (gas with R134a) October’15 Pankor
854 Strip out faulty DeWalt battery charger and re-run cables October’15 Pankor
853 Install mains battery charger temperature sensor October’15 Pankor
852 Replace house battery banks October’15 Pankor
851 Repair harbour canopy at aft port webbing strap October’15 Puteri My
850 Replace faulty breaker on Aux. lights October’15 Puteri My
849 Adjust catch on galley bin locker October’15 Puteri My
848 Engine service work – Change gearbox oil October’15 Puteri My
847 Wax hull October’15 Puteri My
846 Replace Velcro on midship deck jerry covers and make repairs October’15 Puteri My
845 Fit x2 LEDs into aft cab stbd for’d October’15 Puteri My
844 Replace 2x blown LEDs in aft cab and forepeak October’15 Puteri My
843 Replace LEDs in saloon x4 October’15 Puteri My
842 Replace stbd davit wire (old  one jammed) October’15 Puteri My
841 Install 2 new ventilation fans in aft cab (old ones to quarterberth and spare) October’15 Puteri My
840 Make 12v dc-dc converter lead for Sue’s PC October’15 Puteri My
839 Repair aft cab bed latch striker plate October’15 Puteri My
838 Repair leaking handles in aft cab hatch October’15 Puteri My
837 Replace davit bearing (Port davit aft starboard bearing) October’15 Puteri My
836 Replace chain plate bolts on backstayx6 (dribbling rust stain) October’15 Puteri My
835 Replace shaft anode (hull anode ok) October’15 Tioman My
834 Install new mains battery charger October’15 Tioman My
833 Engine service work September’15 Terrangano My
832 Engine service work July’15 Puteri My
831 Repair aft cabin cover velcro strip July’15 Puteri My
830 Make bimini to spray hood gap fill cover July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
829 Replace lost lifebouy drogue pocket July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
828 Repair cooker burner lighter July’15 Puteri My
827 Install second inboard autopilot system July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
826 Install media player & TB hard drive to TV July’15 Puteri My
825 Add chafe pads to aft coach roof to prevent fuel jerrys scratching paint July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
824 Re-install sole lid hinge to underfloor food store July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
823 Modify mainsail front cover to reduce flapping July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
822 Replace rotten main haliard anti wrap bungy July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
821 Replace rotten radar reflector bungy July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
820 Replace broken mains socket by workbench July’15 Puteri My (snagging)
819 Repair aft heads shower hose July’15 Puteri My
818 Modify  companionway hatch support to reduce water ingress when beating July’15 Puteri My
817 Check rigging aloft July’15 Puteri My
816 Adjust and fix aft stanchion setup at gates July’15 Puteri My (refit snagging)
815 Paint coach roof and sides Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
814 Paint cockpit and combing Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
813 Paint hull and transam Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
812 Apply vinyl cove line to hull and add stripe, logo etc. Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
811 Apply vinyl lettering to transam Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
810 Specify new mainsail and replace Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
809 Clean prop and re-fit to new shaft Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
808 Drop rudder clean up shaft and repair copper coat Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
807 Re weld cracked rudder support bush Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
806 Replace prop shaft Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
805 Replace rudder bearings top  and bottom Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
804 Replace sprayhood Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
803 Service rudder quadrants top and bottom Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
802 Replace aft steering flange bearing Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
801 Replace cutlass bearing Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
800 Replace Eberspacher diesel heater unit and test Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
799 Replace guardrail wire Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
798 Replace stanchions 1,2 &3 both sides Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
797 Replace stanchion bases x 6 Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
796 Replace teak rubbing strake Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
795 Replace teak toe rail Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
794 Replace Hydrovane lower bearing Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
793 Engine service work Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
792 Make and fit “Dolphin seat” on pulpit Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
791 Make and fit a pulpit step above navigation lamps Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
790 Make and fit new deck grab handles throughout Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
789 Make and fit teak bridgehead instrument capping Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
788 Paint dinghy transam with 2 pack Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
787 Paint forward dinghy deck/locker with anti-skid Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
786 Strip treadmaster and lay teak bridgehead decking Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
785 Strip treadmaster and lay teak cockpit combing boarding Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
784 Strip treadmaster and lay teak cockpit steering seat Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
783 Strip treadmaster and paint decks with anti-skid Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
782 Repair Cuprotect antifoul Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
781 Adjust watermaker pressure vessel ports Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
780 Change watermaker oil Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
779 Check and adjust splined steering  universal joints Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
778 Clean and service prop stripper Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
777 Repair and raise boot line with Coppercoat Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
776 Modify mainsheet traveller and install new cleats Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
775 Re-pack stuffing box and service Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
774 Fix teak outboard support strip to dinghy transam Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
773 Inspect and respray steel fuel cans Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
772 Inspect back-up tiller and test Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
771 Inspect hydraulic autopilot ram and mounting Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
770 Antifoul keel Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
769 Make canvas dinghy wheel covers Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
768 Make new bimini cover Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
767 Make new dinghy cover Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
766 Make new outboard cover Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
765 Make repairs to cuprotect antifoul Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
764 Make repairs to galley floorboards Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
763 Replace electric immersion heater element Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
762 Replace galley sink mixer tap set Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
761 Strip and inspect cockpit winches x6 Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
760 Strip and inspect steering reduction gearbox Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
759 Strip and lubricate engine stop control Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
758 Strip repaint, modify and re-mount yacht leg lugs Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
757 Replace bad fixing nuts on port stanchion #4 Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
756 Make a “clam” soap dish for aft heads Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
755 Make teak strips and brackets for curtain holdbacks in saloon, galley and chart table Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
754 Modify galley utensil rack and replace utensils Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
753 Modify stackpack to suit volume of new sail Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
752 Modify transam fuel can grilles Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
751 Move deck horn switch to new location Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
750 Paint quadrant locker Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
749 Paint radiators in heads and forepeak Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
748 Reinforce fwd bulkhead tabbing (old poor repair failing) Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
747 Relocate cockpit VHF speaker Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
746 Renovate cockpit seating Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
745 Repack stuffing box Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
744 Repair leak in aft heads radiator and respray Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
743 Repair watermaker high pressure guage Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
742 Replace old headsail roller reefing strongpoint Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
741 Replace pressure releif valve on calorifier Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
740 Replace sail bag (stack-pack) Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
739 Re-run and manage Raymarine network cables Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
738 Revarnish cabin sole with 2 pack Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
737 Service anodes Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
736 Service forward heads pump and replace “out” pipe Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
735 Strip, inspect and replace steering binacle top Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
734 Touch up radiators in saloon, quarterberth and aft cabin Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
733 Upgrade harness U bolts on bridgehead Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
732 Varnish bottom of forward heads door Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
731 Varnish chart table Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
730 Varnish companionway steps and replace treads Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
729 Re-seal davit bases Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
728 Renovate cockpit grates Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
727 Oil forward and aft heads grates Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
726 Renovate cockpit table Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
725 Renovate aft cockpit tiedown strake Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
724 Strip and renovate mast base plug box Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
723 Varnish cabin sole Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
722 Replace reefing lines (2 and 3) move reef line 2 to 1 Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
721 Repair windlass remote unit ( remove corroded bow socket) Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
720 Strip and re-paint Yacht-leg lugs Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
719 Fit new dinghy painter Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
718 Change watermaker 5 micron filter Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
717 Clear stren tube drip tray drain Feb-May’15 Rebak (re-fit)
716 Service and repair genoa #1 Jan-14 Yacht Haven (re-fit)
715 Service and repair genoa #2 Jan-14 Yacht Haven (re-fit)
714 Replace watermaker pressure vessel Jan-14 Yacht Haven (re-fit)
713 Repair droop in quarterberth headlining Jan-14 Yacht Haven (re-fit)
712 Mend gallows on wind generator Jan-14 Yacht Haven (re-fit)
711 Add extra cooling fan to mains charger to dissapate heat better Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
710 Clean waterline and scrub hull Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
709 Replace cabin lights port red led on breaker board Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
708 Replace hydrovane shaft Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
707 Fix fault on second VHF hand set Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
706 Mend aft cab mosquito net on bed Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
705 Repair teak shower grate in aft heads Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
704 Replace cable ties in SSB HT lead stand-offs Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
703 Attend to aft heads poor flush action Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
702 Replace drinking water filter with larger carbon filter Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
701 Fit new domestic waterpump Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
700 Fix leak in stern gland drip collector Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
699 Make new oil drip catcher for engine Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
698 Tighten stern gland Dec-14 Rebak (pre-re-fit)
697 Adjust stern gland Nov-14 Admiral My
696 Engine service work Nov-14 Admiral My
695  replace worn engine rawwater pump seals Nov-14 Admiral My
694  Paint upper rudder quadrant Oct-14 Puteri My
693  Change 5 micron and carbon watermaker filters Oct-14 Puteri My
692  Repair anchor chain locker hatch Oct-14 Puteri My
691  Repair aft solar array wire conduit Sun damaged Oct-14 Puteri My
690  Repair windlass switchfaulty contact Oct-14 Puteri My
689  Repairs to main sail bag Oct-14 Puteri My
688 Replace McMurdo Epirb battery Oct-14 Puteri My
687  service windlass – repaint casing, check oil and add rotational restraint Oct-14 Puteri My
686  separate drinking water breaker from domestic Oct-14 Puteri My
685  Wendy fuse tidy Oct-14 Puteri My
684  check Garmin power wiring fault Oct-14 Puteri My
683  install SSB passive antenna Oct-14 Puteri My
682  leds into quarterberth Oct-14 Puteri My
681  install tv sockets Oct-14 Puteri My
680  install blade fuses for splitter,chart plotter, backbone Oct-14 Puteri My
679  make earth loom for instruments Oct-14 Puteri My
678  Move vhf Oct-14 Puteri My
677  reinstall icom wires for cooling Oct-14 Puteri My
676  attend  to broken batten Sep-14 Lombok
675  replace rev counter backlight bulb Sep-14 Lombok
674  dinghy cover repair Sep-14 Lombok
673  oil change Sep-14 Lombok
672  install tv stand Sep-14 Lombok
671  change faulty instrument breaker Sep-14 Lombok
670  Upsize autopilot breaker Sep-14 Lombok
669  install masthead antenna Sep-14 Lombok
668  Replace horseshoe lamps Sep-14 Lombok
667  mend popper on sue seat Sep-14 Lombok
666  fit led to fwd heads Sep-14 Lombok
665  Clean transam Sep-14 Lombok
664  Clean waterline Sep-14 Lombok
663  mend shower hose broken end Sep-14 Lombok
662  Service and repair fwd heads and galley taps Sep-14 Lombok
661  Repair mast support cover Sep-14 Lombok
660  Repair leaking horseshoe lamp lens Sep-14 Lombok
659  Replace shaft anode Sep-14 Lombok
658  Adjust stern gland Sep-14 Lombok
657  Scrub hull Sep-14 Lombok
656 Scrub hull and waterline Aug-14 TS Nat Pk
655 Engine work Aug-14 TS Nat Pk
654 Change watermaker 5 micron filter Aug-14 TS Nat Pk
653 Fit new rudder transducer at top of shaft Jul-14 Kinapatangen
652 Repair leaking pressure vessel on watermaker Jun-14 Sandakan
651 Install Alfa antenna drivers on new pc Jun-14 Sandakan
650 Scrub hull and waterline Jun-14 Sarawak
649 Fit new engine air filter Jun-14 Puteri
648 Engine service work Jun-14 Puteri
647 AIS transponder – Replaced after lightning damage Jun-14 Puteri
646 VHF Radio – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
645 Chart plotter – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
644 Course Computer and compass – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
643 Instruments – Wind, Speed, Depth & Graphic  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
642 Autopilot control (x2) – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
641 Autopilot hydraulic drive motor – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
640 Navtex – Repaired after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
639 PC (navigation and SSB controller)  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
638 Marine SSB and antenna tuner – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
637 Distribution panel, circuit breakers and LED indicator light – Repaired after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
636 Alternator #2 – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
635 Battery charge manager (smart-charge – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
634 Refrigerator – Repaired after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
633 Diesel water heater – Repaired after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
632 Domestic water tank level gauge – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
631 LPG gas detector – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
630 CO gas detector – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
629 Saloon LED lighting  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
628 Music radio  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
627 TV (12″) portable  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
626 Windlass control and chain counter  – Replaced after lightning damage 23/4/14 Jun-14 Puteri
625 Mend cockpit cushion Apr-14 Thai,Mal
624  Mend aft toilet Apr-14 Thai,Mal
623  Repair fwd head plug chain Apr-14 Thai,Mal
622  Adjust stern gland and refill grease Apr-14 Thai,Mal
621  Repair drinking water tap Apr-14 Thai,Mal
620  Repair aft cab mosquito blind Apr-14 Thai,Mal
619  Strip tar from trolling line and lure Apr-14 Thai,Mal
618  Mend torches x 3 Apr-14 Thai,Mal
617  Put stops on outboard / wheels dinghy Apr-14 Thai,Mal
616  Replace hydrvane lashing Apr-14 Thai,Mal
615  Mend 1 to 2 powerlead Apr-14 Thai,Mal
614 Replace rotten bungy Apr-14 Thai,Mal
613  Flush main water tanks Apr-14 Thai,Mal
612  Install 5 micron filter unit to water hosepipe to combat sediment in marina water Apr-14 Thai,Mal
611  Replace cracked galley tap (with used unit) Apr-14 Thai,Mal
610  Clear galley tap hose of sediment Apr-14 Thai,Mal
609  Repair shorepower plug cable seal Apr-14 Thai,Mal
608 Repair leaking horseshoe lamp lens Apr-14 Thai,Mal
607 Add lock to computer cupboard Feb-14 Pangkor
606 Change anemometer (calibration problem) Feb-14 Pangkor
605 Add valve to freezer and re gas. Feb-14 Pangkor
604 Repair freezer latch Feb-14 Pangkor
603 Cut down and refasten top end of wind generator post assembly Jan-14 Pangkor
602 Adjust stern gland Jan-14 Pangkor
601 Replace mainsail slide bolts (1 place) Jan-14 Pangkor
600 Replace plastic lower shroud covers Jan-14 Pangkor
599 Add boot to babystay rigging screw assembly Jan-14 Pangkor
598 Improve radar reflector hoiste to reduce chafe to lines Jan-14 Pangkor
597 Repair horseshoe lamp Jan-14 Pangkor
596 Add nylon thimble to upper section of lazyjacks to reduce stiffness Jan-14 Pangkor
595 Clean polish and grease prop Jan-14 Pangkor
594 Engine service work Jan-14 Pangkor
593 Make repairs to boarding platform Jan-14 Pangkor
592 Strip and grease all seacocks Jan-14 Pangkor
591 Replace shaft anode (hull anode ok) Jan-14 Pangkor
590 Replace fridge anode Jan-14 Pangkor
589 Antifoul keel with 3 coats of Jotun Jan-14 Pangkor
588 Haul out and jetwash hull Jan-14 Pangkor
587 Set up and wire in aux. lamp on gantry for boarding platform Jan-14 Pangkor
586 Replace broken mains socket in galley Jan-14 Pangkor
585 Remove and re-seal forward heads sink into support surface Jan-14 Pangkor
584 Repair broken bracket on forward heads shower tray pump Jan-14 Pangkor
583 Replace waterpump and glowplug shroud in Eberspacher heater Jan-14 Pangkor
582 Replace forward heads toilet pipe and pump valves etc Jan-14 Pangkor
581 Replace top bearing set and seals in windlass Jan-14 Pangkor
580 Replace broken gearbox part in autopilot and re-lap clutch faces Jan-14 Pangkor
579 Fit Hydrovane with new tiller handle Jan-14 Pangkor
578 Fit “Swiftie” to pole end Jan-14 Pangkor
577 Re galvanise bow anchor and 60m chain Jan-14 Pangkor
576 Adjust prop shaft gland and refill grease cylinder Sep-13 Lombok
575 De coke exhaust manifold outlet elbow Sep-13 Lombok
574 Replace bearings, shaft and seals on engine raw water pump Sep-13 Lombok
573 Engine service work Sep-13 Lombok
572 Replace jump start back up battery system Jul-13 Darwin
571 Varnish companionway hatch Jul-13 Darwin
570 Varnish aft cab heads Jul-13 Darwin
569 Fit jubilee clip to wind generator to stabalise nodding problem Jul-13 Darwin
568 Service steering lock Jul-13 Darwin
567 Fit saltwater pump and fawcet to gally (back up for engine cooling) Jul-13 Darwin
566 Fit new engine control lever and mechanism Jul-13 Darwin
565 Re-fit watermaker membrane Jul-13 Darwin
564 Fit new GME AIS system Jul-13 Darwin
563 Repair gearbox dipstick Jul-13 Darwin
562 Repair engine bay insulation damage Jul-13 Darwin
561 Engine service work Jul-13 Darwin
560 Repair dinghy wheel puncture Jun-13 GBReef
559 Adjust and straighten windlass chain stripper Jun-13 GBReef
558 Make and connect new AIS NMEA line to chartplotter Jun-13 GBReef
557 Repair faulty connection on windlass switch (up) Jun-13 GBReef
556 Repair broken snap shackle on boom gallows wire Jun-13 GBReef
555 Fit protection hoop for steaming light from damage by downhaul Jun-13 GBReef
554 Replace prop shaft anode Jun-13 GBReef
553 Scrub hull Jun-13 GBReef
552 Make 2 new lures and replace lost fishing line Jun-13 GBReef
551 Replace broken pull ring on port side genoa pole Jun-13 GBReef
550 Tighten stern gland packing nut Jun-13 GBReef
549 Change VHF main set (ch17 & 15 failed) for back-up unit Jun-13 GBReef
548 Make cowl for bow nav light to stop glare reflecting from pulpit rails Jun-13 GBReef
547 Fit new kicking strap line Jun-13 GBReef
546 Fit new main halliard Jun-13 Carnes
545 Fit new main sheet Jun-13 Carnes
544 Fit new watermaker membrane, 5 micron filter and carbon filter Jun-13 Carnes
543 Change fridge thermostat and move inside cold-box Jun-13 Carnes
542 Replace alternator belts 1 & 2 and rebolt #1 alternator May-13 Whitsunday
541 Tighten wind generator mountings to stop clacking noise in aft cabin May-13 Mackay
540 Re-silicone forward heads basin and shower tray joints (mouldy) May-13 Mackay
539 Re route main section of engine raw water cooling tube to reduce airlocking May-13 Mackay
538 Install backup engine raw water intake diverter valve May-13 Mackay
537 Fit replacement compass backlight bulb May-13 Mackay
536 End for end anchor chain May-13 Mackay
535 Mount new flagstaff and ensign (old one lost in storm) May-13 Mackay
534 Replace broken engine speed control cable May-13 Mackay
533 Haul out, jetwash hull, antifoul keel, clean prop, replace main anode and shaft anode Mar-13 Gold Coast
532 Replace engine rev counter backlight bulb Feb-13 Gold Coast
531 Replace failed strum box float switch Mar-13 Gold Coast
530 Add packing to stern gland (decouple and check gearbox free wheel) Mar-13 Gold Coast
529 Repaint aux tiller end and spanner where rusty from stowage Mar-13 Gold Coast
528 Repair Whitlock gearbox where steering train top bevel box was failing Mar-13 Gold Coast
527 Repair under galley sink bin locker door latch Mar-13 Gold Coast
526 Replace failed locker hinge in aft cab locker starboard side Mar-13 Gold Coast
525 Strip and service engine morse control check source of stiffness Mar-13 Gold Coast
524 Replace life tag broken in storm Mar-13 Gold Coast
523 Repair broken handle on back-up bilge pump Mar-13 Gold Coast
522 Make nav light mounting for dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
521 Put name and callsign lettering on new dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
520 Add interior handle to sliding companionway hatch Mar-13 Gold Coast
519 Replace blown auxiliary anchor light LED Mar-13 Gold Coast
518 Check and calibrate fluxgate compass Mar-13 Gold Coast
517 Make new outboard stowage bracket and fit to pushpit (old weakened by UV and not suitable for new outboard) Mar-13 Gold Coast
516 Fit outboard auxiliary drive bracket to transom Mar-13 Gold Coast
515 Fit new beaching wheels to new dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
514 Make sun cover for old dinghy fuel tank for deck stowage Mar-13 Gold Coast
513 Make and fit seat cover for new dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
512 Make and fit canvas fuel tank sun cover for new dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
511 Make and fit “tatty” dinghy tube cover to new dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
510 Fit lifting webbing sling to outboard Mar-13 Gold Coast
509 Replace broken dinghy belly bands Mar-13 Gold Coast
508 Fit cleat for dinghy tow to starboard davit Mar-13 Gold Coast
507 Replace mainsail top batten (spare) Mar-13 Gold Coast
506 Fit reefing line to genoa with new 10mm spectra (storm lesson) Mar-13 Gold Coast
505 Replace gas cylinder on Sue’s life jacket’s inflatable danbouy Mar-13 Gold Coast
504 Fit boarding rope ladder to dinghy Mar-13 Gold Coast
503 Make and fit dinghy fuel tank security locking wire Mar-13 Gold Coast
502 Replace dinghy, set up on davit system and add locks etc. Mar-13 Gold Coast
501 Replace outboard & fuel tank. Add locks and lifting gear Mar-13 Gold Coast
500 Straighten and remount aft solar array Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
499 Modify and repair lateral solar array mounting systems Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
498 Straigten Hydrovane steering shaft Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
497 Repair seatalk interface connection and place in junction box Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
496 Mend bent port davit Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
495 Mend spray hood Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
494 Mend sail stack pack Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
493 Mend Mainsail Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
492 Clear seawater from battery box Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
491 Add wood planks to retain water carriers better Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
490 Dry out and add new underlay to aft cabin floor Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
489 Repair lifejacket (lost spray hood) Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
488 Check shrouds for signs of damage Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
487 Clear seawater from bilges and bilge storage areas Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
486 Fit hosetail fitting to spare raw water intake Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
485 Replace fuel cans lost overboard Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
484 Repair bathing platform structure Feb-13 Coffs Hbr
483 Modify dinghy anti roll/chafe fastning system Jan-13 Port Stephens
482 Repair heads mosi screen Jan-13 Port Stephens
481 Mend strap on handlebar bag Jan-13 Port Stephens
480 Replace clasp on folding bike bag Jan-13 Port Stephens
479 Engine service work Jan-13 Port Stephens
478 Replace fridge external anode Feb-13 Mackquarie
477 Polish aft frame and rails to remove Tanna rust stains Jan-13 Sydney
476 Re bed and replace seal in emergency tiller access cover plate Jan-13 Sydney
475 Repair broke stanchion (starboard #4) Jan-13 Sydney
474 Replace D400 alternator bearings to stop chobbling noise Jan-13 Sydney
473 Replace bungy on inner forestay damping line Jan-13 Sydney
472 Repair uphaul chafe (reduce length and re-splice eye) Jan-13 Sydney
471 Service genoa furling winch Jan-13 Sydney
470 Replace dinghy suncover retaining bungy tiedowns Jan-13 Sydney
469 Repair broken float on danbouy and resolder mag. Switch Jan-13 Sydney
468 Strip and service forward heads Henderson pump Jan-13 Sydney
467 Re fasten and pack loose bracket on base of wind generator Jan-13 Sydney
466 Repair lateral solar panels mounting bracket Jan-13 Sydney
465 Install engine hours meter by chart table (LCD on original unit has failed) Jan-13 Sydney
464 Make repair to hydrovane cover Dec-12 Sydney
463 Make replacement holder for horseshoe lifebouy drogue Dec-12 Sydney
462 Make cover for gas BBQ and regulator Dec-12 Sydney
461 Make new restraint straps for additional fuel jerrys Dec-12 Sydney
460 Make covers for new stowable aft quarter solar arrays Dec-12 Sydney
459 Make x6 jerry can covers to prevent UV damage to new jerrys Dec-12 Sydney
458 Make teak grille supports for transom fuel jerry rack to accommodate more cans for Indonesia leg Dec-12 Sydney
457 Mount x2 additional folding solar arrays on aft quarters (120watts) Dec-12 Sydney
456 Additional 20 litre petrol jerry Dec-12 Sydney
455 Clear intake to aft heads Dec-12 Sydney
454 Re seal freezer to worktop and make additional supports underneath unit. Dec-12 Sydney
453 Repair mainsheet winch bearing Dec-12 Pittwater
452 Replace faulty smoke and CO alarms Dec-12 Pittwater
451 Service starboard halliard winch Dec-12 Pittwater
450 Repair corroded winch chain counting sensor Dec-12 Pittwater
449 Make charging station for mobile phones and torches Dec-12 Pittwater
448 Update flare pack Dec-12 Pittwater
447 Replace bow nav light (damaged by cruising chute line) Dec-12 Pittwater
446 Repair faulty twizzle pole latch (port hand side) Dec-12 Pittwater
445 Adjust catches on under sink and torch lockers Nov-12 Brisbane
444 Replace yaw bearings in D400 wind generator Nov-12 Brisbane
443 Replace bearings in aft heads shower pump motor and rebuild Nov-12 Brisbane
442 De bug bilges Nov-12 Brisbane
441 Replace leaking aft cabin hatch handles Nov-12 Brisbane
440 Change watmaker 5 micron filter and clean strainer Oct-12 Bundaburg
439 Replace dinghy bung and repair flap valve Oct-12 Bundaburg
438 Move drinking water pump to stop drumming noise Oct-12 Bundaburg
437 Replace coupling on outboard fuel line Oct-12 Bundaburg
436 Seal quarterberth portlight to stop leak Oct-12 Bundaburg
435 Modify cooker gimbals to prevent jamming Oct-12 Bundaburg
434 Repair morse control (engine speed) Oct-12 Bundaburg
433 Repair forepeak leak ( in nav light cable conduit ) Oct-12 Bundaburg
432 Replace kicking strap block Oct-12 Bundaburg
431 Unblock sterngland drain pipe Oct-12 Coral sea
430 Rod out blockage in aft heads outlet Oct-12 Coral sea
429 Replace hull anode Sep-12 Solomons
428 Replace davit lifting wire rope Sep-12 Solomons
427 Repair forward heads overhead hatch plastic stay Sep-12 Solomons
426 Adjust stern gland and refill greasing box Sep-12 Solomons
425 Engine service small quantity of black gritty slime on primary filter secondry filter very clean but impeller vanes split in 3 places after only 200 hours Sep-12 Solomons
424 Re-seal davit mounting platforms to prevent leakage 14-Sep Solomons
423 Re-seal bow forepeak dorade vents to stop leaks 14-Sep Solomons
422 Scrub hull 14-Sep Solomons
421 Outboard – Replace plugs, strip and clean carb. 14-Sep Solomons
420 Make up jump lead to enable engine start and windlass hoist from below 23-Aug Vanuatu
419 Replace top sail batten on main with spare one (again) 23-Aug Vanuatu
418 Make up ss wire strops for locking fuel cans to deck 23-Aug Vanuatu
417 Fit new padlock to companionway hatch (old one went swimming) 23-Aug Vanuatu
416 Repair #4 port hand side stanchion base (pulled out of fixing bolt) 23-Aug Vanuatu
415 Renovate corroded companionway barrel bolt fixings 23-Aug Vanuatu
414 Clear syphon breaker in aft heads 23-Aug Vanuatu
413 Repair aft cabin to cockpit portlight mosi net 13-Aug Vanuatu
412 Repair and rebuild seized aft heads shower tray pump & motor 14-Aug Vanuatu
411 Replace defective gas regulator 6-Aug Vanuatu
410 Repair leak in dinghy hull (at port side fwd davit lifting point) 6-Aug Vanuatu
409 Make and fit baffles to cockpit combing forward  reef line slots to prevent flooding of dorade vent openings below 6-Aug Vanuatu
408 Repair dinghy bellows foot pump damaged by internal corrosion 30-Jul Vanuatu
407 Re route engine raw water cooling tube 30-Jul Vanuatu
406 Replace SSB control head damaged by water ingress 30-Jul Vanuatu
405 Repair puncture in dinghy tube port side 30-Jul Vanuatu
404 Repair dinghy keel protection strake and seal leak 30-Jul Vanuatu
403 Connect new engine seacock and re-routed deep intake 13-Jul Fiji
402 Renovate Speedfit impeller cover and fit replacement impeller (2 blades off) 13-Jul Fiji
401 Check rig 13-Jul Fiji
400 Finish wire routing on rear solar panels 13-Jul Fiji
399 Change engine exhaust elbow 13-Jul Fiji
398 Clean engine heat exchanger and replace rear rubber manifold 13-Jul Fiji
397 Balance wind generator blades and order new yaw bearings 13-Jul Fiji
396 Clean and reseal romovable forestay lower Stalok terminal 13-Jul Fiji
395 Mend shower grate – re glue 13-Jul Fiji
394 Repair triclolour bulb socket and replace bulb 13-Jul Fiji
393 Unblock sterngland drain pipe 13-Jul Fiji
392 Check backstay tension and adjust 13-Jul Fiji
391 Replace corroded switch on Seatag MOB alarm horn 29-Jun Sawa-i-Lau Fiji
390 Antifoul keel (2 coats eroding mix) 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
389 Waterblast and repair Cuprotect antifoul ( 320 repairs!) polish hull 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
388 Replace  propshaft anode & grease prop 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
387 Replace fridge external anode 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
386 Service and grease all Blakes seacocks 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
385 Teak oil forward heads shower tray grating 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
384 Add new seacock for engine raw water intake (lower than current one) 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
383 Cut and polish upper hull 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
382 Silicone spray cockpit seat cushions 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
381 Empty and flush domestic fresh water tanks 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
380 Change engine oil 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
379 Replace cooker (spark) battery 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
378 Repair missing stops on boarding platform stays 26-Jun Vuda Fiji
377 Replace port side genoa pole hold-downbungy 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
376 Repair Yeoman chart plotter and enable function with small GPS 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
375 Replace dinghy painter 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
374 Mend head torch 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
373 Fix latch on dressing table 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
372 Fix latch on aft cab locker centre 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
371 Fix latch on aft cab locker stbd 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
370 Repair main compass light 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
369 Repair broken teak sink cover 1-Jun Savusavu Fiji
368 Put new popper onto cockpit cushion seat May-12 Lau Fiji
367 Repair rod kicker to boom bracket (elongated holes – make & insert belled sleve x3) May-12 Lau Fiji
366 Repair dinghy turnbuckle fastening May-12 Kadavu Fiji
365 Fit new battery into danbouy lamp May-12 Kadavu Fiji
364 Check raw water system for blockages/restrictions and lower strainer further May-12 Suva Fiji
363 Repair cover for engine raw water impeller by lapping inside flat. Replace impeller May-12 Suva Fiji
362 Remove leaking bronze elbow from engine raw water inlet and re-run flexible tube May-12 Suva Fiji
361 Poor raw water flow – Lower engine raw water strainer to discourage air from getting trapped May-12 Minerva Reef
360 Clean, rewaterproof, new cuffs and collar to Sue’s Musto drysuit and vac bag for storage (courtesy Norsa) Apr-12 Opua NZ
359 Fit mainsheet fairleads at port dorade vent to prevent scuffing when aft canopy is folded away Apr-12 Opua NZ
358 Fit new battery into danbouy lamp Apr-12 Opua NZ
357 Make lower aft davit point on dinghy to improve stability when hauled up Apr-12 Opua NZ
356 VHF repair (stage 1) – fit new minimum function handset Apr-12 Opua NZ
355 Fit new shower curtain in forward heads (wash old one for spare) Apr-12 Opua NZ
354 Fit locking hawsers to dinghy to secure petrol tanks and outboard extension handle Apr-12 Opua NZ
353 Fit new outboard lock to dinghy Apr-12 Opua NZ
352 Renew brake material in steering wheel locking knob Apr-12 Opua NZ
351 Restitch lower bungy fixing strip on aft canopy Apr-12 Opua NZ
350 Replace mast head anchor light (filiment for LED) Apr-12 Opua NZ
349 Haul out, wash hull, replace shaft anode, polish and grease prop, antifoul keel (1 coat) Apr-12 Opua NZ
348 Engine Service work – Change Impeller and primary fuel filter (black grit present, no water) Apr-12 Opua NZ
347 Grease engine morse control Apr-12 Opua NZ
346 Cut access hatch hole in headlining above chart table Apr-12 Opua NZ
345 Move aft dinghy davit hoist point to lower position to improve stowage Apr-12 Opua NZ
344 Clean Dinghy Apr-12 Opua NZ
343 Replace faulty rigging screws on solar array mounting bracket tensioners Apr-12 Opua NZ
342 Clean dribble marks from hull (from gold stripe?) Apr-12 Opua NZ
341 Fit dinghy to davit roll restraint to prevent chafe from lateral movement Apr-12 Opua NZ
340 Fit reinforcement to trailing edge of solar panel array Apr-12 Opua NZ
339 Fit new fire extinguisher to forepeak (old one lost pressure) Mar-12 Opua NZ
338 Re make cap shroud deck boots and fit Mar-12 Opua NZ
337 Crank up tension on babystay chainplate fixings Mar-12 Opua NZ
336 Print, laminate & fix ident labels for spare standing rigging Mar-12 Opua NZ
335 Fit new boot for forestay anchor guard Mar-12 Opua NZ
334 Stow spare standing rig hardware & fittings in plastic boxes Mar-12 Opua NZ
333 Stow spare standing rig wire in quarterberth Mar-12 Opua NZ
332 Remount repaired liferaft and set up hydrostatic release Mar-12 Opua NZ
331 Buy and stow folding water containers x5 Mar-12 Opua NZ
330 Change watermaker high pressure pump oil Mar-12 Opua NZ
329 Strip, adjust shims and rebuild upper steering gearbox. Mar-12 Opua NZ
328 Replace masthead anchor light with new LED Mar-12 Opua NZ
327 Make and fit low level LED anchor light to backstay and make wiring changes Mar-12 Opua NZ
326 Replace engine bay lights with LEDs Mar-12 Opua NZ
325 Reinforce upper babystay chainplate Mar-12 Opua NZ
324 Install second DC DC converter Mar-12 Opua NZ
323 Replace Lavac toilet lid in fwd heads, move fwd one to aft heads Mar-12 Opua NZ
322 Replace standing rigging – Fore & Back, Baby, Lowers, Caps Mar-12 Opua NZ
321 Engine service work Feb-12 Coromandel
320 Replace mast head anchor light (again) Feb-12 Coromandel
319 Change outboard sparkplugs, buy spares and vac pack Feb-12 Coromandel
318 Change retaining clevis pin in gooseneck for a split pin and add washer Feb-12 Coromandel
317 Repair main sheet snap shackle Feb-12 Coromandel
316 Replace worn diaphragm in aft heads toilet pump Jan-12 Coromandel
315 Fit old starboard lower shroud to port side due to loose strand just below terminal Jan-12 Aukland NZ
314 Install new seperated galley hoses with increased diameter for fridge cooling and anti blocking Jan-12 Aukland NZ
313 Unwind main sheet (twisted at the blocks) Jan-12 Aukland NZ
312 Install water cooled fridge pump, evap plate and “keel cooler” seacock Jan-12 Aukland NZ
311 Service liferaft (2 year NZ cert but same service items as for a 3 year UK interval) Jan-12 Aukland NZ
310 Repair quarterberth grab rail and fit strong points for lashing bikes Jan-12 Aukland NZ
309 Repair quarterberth tool storage locker lid hinge Jan-12 Aukland NZ
308 Replace leaking water seal in engine raw water impeller pump at 3998.6 hours Jan-12 Aukland NZ
307 Repair leak in saloon hatch (reseal screwheads) Dec-11 Aukland NZ
306 Repair leak in saloon portlite (port side tighten closing lugs) Dec-11 Aukland NZ
305 Replace aft steaming lamp bulb Dec-11 Aukland NZ
304 Replace anchor lamp (blown filament bulb) Dec-11 Aukland NZ
303 Repair seized hinge in starboard side of saloon table Dec-11 Aukland NZ
302 De-crust aft heads pump, replace valves and all outlet hoses Dec-11 Aukland NZ
301 De-crust forward heads pump -replace valves, diaphragm and all outlet hoses Dec-11 Aukland NZ
300 Clean growth off log paddle wheel Dec-11 Aukland NZ
299 De-coke exhaust elbow and re-fit at 3990 engine hours (1464 hours/21 months since last one) Dec-11 Aukland NZ
298 Clean waterline and streaking stain below cove line Dec-11 Whangarei NZ
297 Replace drinking water filter Dec-11 Whangarei NZ
296 Replace decklight blown bulb Dec-11 Whangarei NZ
295 Replace steaming blown light bulb Dec-11 Whangarei NZ
294 Add 10 ferrites to Raymarine system wiring. Dec-11 Opua NZ
293 Tweak davits to starboard to line up with solar panels Dec-11 Opua NZ
292 Replace 6 out of 8 davit bearings Dec-11 Opua NZ
291 Reverse anchor chain end for end and tie off end with dynema strop Dec-11 Opua NZ
290 Repair VHF mike lead (split again) Dec-11 Opua NZ
289 Make new gallows for D400 Dec-11 Opua NZ
288 Get extension handle for outboard Dec-11 Opua NZ
287 Mount new 85w solar panel ( number 4 ) on davits Dec-11 Opua NZ
286 Replace gas bottle bungy lashings and scour gas locker Nov-11 Opua NZ
285 Service davit winches and adjust bearings (worn) Nov-11 Opua NZ
284 Replace lifebouy lamps (old ones no longer servicable) & repair bent mounting brackets Nov-11 Opua NZ
283 Replace rusty gas bottles and fit new regulator Nov-11 Opua NZ
282 Put new reinforced tube on snubber Nov-11 Opua NZ
281 Modify oven gimble lock-off to prevent jamming Nov-11 Opua NZ
280 De-rust cooker hob grate Nov-11 Opua NZ
279 Repair mainsail stack pack (torn by reefing lines) Nov-11 Opua NZ
278 Make new bilge pump handle (lost overboard) Nov-11 Opua NZ
277 Replace D400 wind generator bearings and shaft seal Nov-11 Opua NZ
276 Renovate and repair danbouy and holster Nov-11 Opua NZ
275 Repair dinghy cover (uv damage to stitching) Nov-11 Opua NZ
274 Finish solar panel mounting – add 8mm bolt to pivot point Nov-11 Opua NZ
273 Replace 2 stanchions and bases stbd side Nov-11 Opua NZ
272 Mend dinghy tube attachments to transom Nov-11 Opua NZ
271 Service Hydrovane, strip shaft, fit new top bearing and remake lower transom fixing with new 10mm bolts Nov-11 Opua NZ
270 Finish Raystar GPS mounting (wiring needs heat sealing not possible at anchor) Nov-11 Opua NZ
269 Get sealable bucket to store diesel filter funnel and transfer syphon equipment Nov-11 Opua NZ
268 Steering drive train – remove shims from top bevel box and binacle gears. Change woodruff key in top bevel box (from wheel) Nov-11 Opua NZ
267 Soak genoa sheets to remove stiffness Nov-11 Opua NZ
266 Drain water tanks and re-fill Nov-11 Opua NZ
265 Repair forepeak leak ( under dorade pod) Nov-11 Opua NZ
264 Repair genoa UV strip Oct-11 Opua NZ
263 Engine service Oct-11 New Cal
262 Replace bearings in lower steering bevel gearbox Oct-11 New Cal
261 Rig check Oct-11 New Cal
260 Tighten cap and lower shroud chain plate fastenings Sep-11 Vanuatu
259 Service drinking water filter Sep-11 Vanuatu
258 Renew forestay anchor protection gaiter Sep-11 Vanuatu
257 Replace broken drop nose pin anchor fastening Sep-11 Vanuatu
256 Replace cooker burners Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
255 Reinforce lateral stability of aft solar array mounting Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
254 Mount spare 150a fuses for windlass Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
253 Replace Sony PC battery Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
252 Replace, rewire and relocate inverter (old one blown) Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
251 Replace Raystar GPS Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
250 Replace cove line Westerly graphics and stripe (worn and scratched) Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
249 12v charger for Dyson Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
248 Battery for Dyson Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
247 Make and add bow, anchor protection plate Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
246 Trace and fix fault with start battery voltage reading on DC meter Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
245 Revarnish toothbrush holder in fwd heads Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
244 Re-tension rig Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
243 Varnish boat hook Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
242 Modify sun canopy fixings and guys Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
241 Remachine dinghy wheel locking bolts to eliminate jamming in down position Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
240 Anchor rode dam ( to stop chain jamming) Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
239 Varnish flagstaff Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
238 Clean up and service boarding platform Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
237 Cut and polish hull Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
236 Fit stud and mount anode on keel Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
235 Antifoul keel Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
234 Repair cuprotect damage and raise line on transom Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
233 Check anodes – Replace shaft anode Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
232 Repair and repaint scratched cove line Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
231 Oil teak grating for fwd and aft heads Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
230 Check, clean, polish and grease propeller. Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
229 Clean and check prop stripper Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
228 Varnish floorboards with 2 pack Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
227 Replace exhaust elbow located at transom (leaking) Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
226 Replace dinghy bung Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
225 Replace broken 12v socket at chart table Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
224 Repair portable high power flood lamp Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
223 Mend port lifebuoy lamp Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
222 Mend outboard plate on dinghy transom Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
221 Mend head torch Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
220 Service and clean strum box Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
219 Make 12v cigar lighter socket adaptor for deck socket Jul-11 Fiji Denarau
218 Tighten stern gland and degrease drip tray and all tubes Jun-11 Fiji Denarau
217 Forestay GRP reinforcement and tabbing to floor, make & fit ss bracket Jun-11 Fiji Denarau
216 Engine service Jun-11 Fiji Denarau
215 Clean transom Jun-11 Fiji Denarau
214 Replace impeller (one slightly split arm after check following encounter with jellyfish while charging batteries TWICE!) May-11 Tonga
213 Address leaks in forepeak decking May-11 Tonga
212 Tighten loose lightning conductor and check standing rigging May-11 Tonga
211 Put Velcro on VHF speaker pod to stop sprayhood glass sticking to it May-11 Tonga
210 Service drinking water filter May-11 Tonga
209 Repair engine bay hatch handle May-11 Tonga
208 Repair seal on horseshoe floating lamp May-11 Tonga
207 Tighten stern gland May-11 Tonga
206 Repair main sheet snap shackle May-11 Tonga
205 Re assemble Bimini and fit new canvas canopy May-11 Tonga
204 Service genoa reefing winch May-11 Tonga
203 Paint cove line damage at bow Apr-11 Napier NZ
202 Repair aft heads grating damage Apr-11 Napier NZ
201 Make canvas cover for petrol generator Apr-11 Napier NZ
200 Check rig Apr-11 Napier NZ
199 Make canvas fuel tank sun cover for dinghy Apr-11 Napier NZ
198 Scuff cover for bimini when folded Apr-11 Napier NZ
197 Make pelican case grab bag 5 & add metal lining (Faraday’s cage) Apr-11 Napier NZ
196 Repair broken batten car on mainsail Apr-11 Napier NZ
195 Straighten bent propeller blade (hit with debris at sea) Apr-11 Napier NZ
194 Adjust stern gland Apr-11 Wellington
193 engine service ( some dark slime in fuel filters) Apr-11 Wellington
192 Fit fish gutting table to pushpit Apr-11 Wellington
191 Hull scrub Apr-11 Wellington
190 Service seacocks Apr-11 Wellington
189 Replace shaft anode (hull anode ok) Apr-11 Wellington
188 Replace tea towel holders Mar-11 Picton NZ
187 Forward heads re-varnish Mar-11 Picton NZ
186 Repaint forward heads radiator Mar-11 Picton NZ
185 New shower curtain in forward heads Mar-11 Picton NZ
184 Saloon interior re-varnish Mar-11 Picton NZ
183 Companion way varnish with 2 pack Mar-11 Picton NZ
182 Fit new diesel water heater – flush system and add antifreeze/ Mar-11 Picton NZ
181 Shroud down kit  – Cargo straps, Dyneema shroud, chain plate back-up plus  lowers & backstay Mar-11 Picton NZ
180 Replace EPIRB Mar-11 Picton NZ
179 Forestay toggle replace Mar-11 Picton NZ
178 Replace brken mainsail battens Mar-11 Picton NZ
177 Sprayhood new windows and add opening Mar-11 Picton NZ
176 Solar panel add 85w array & new regulator Feb-11 Picton NZ
175 Fridge – add extra vent fan and insulate feed line Feb-11 Picton NZ
174 Mend Cob Feb-11 Picton NZ
173 Replace broken sail cover zip and restitch Jan-11 C’church NZ
172 Extend sun canopy Jan-11 C’church NZ
171 Spray hood re-stitch Jan-11 C’church NZ
170 Fridge insulation increase and add seals Jan-11 Picton NZ
169 Varnish forepeak Jan-11 Picton NZ
168 Replace stanchion broken by gusts in marina Jan-11 Picton NZ
167 Replace worn Hydrovane bearings Jan-11 Napier NZ
166 Add another oven shelf Jan-11 Napier NZ
165 Replace rear crankshaft oil seal Dec-10 Auckland
164 Replace broken gearbox drive plate Dec-10 Auckland
163 Re-align engine Dec-10 Auckland
162 Adjust stern gland Dec-10 Auckland
161 Replace removable forestay bungy Dec-10 Auckland
160 Replace cockpit canopy bungys Dec-10 Auckland
159 Strip and clean outboard carburetor Dec-10 Auckland
158 Replace leaking outboard fuel tank Dec-10 Auckland
157 Service cooker burners Dec-10 Auckland
156 Starboard #4 stanchion base – cast new fixing nuts into grp substrate Nov-10 Opua NZ
155 Refasten anchor locking pin Nov-10 Opua NZ
154 Add Solar panel and upgrade regulator Nov-10 Opua NZ
153 Obtain LEDs for interior lights Nov-10 Opua NZ
152 Replace saloon portlight seals (leaking again) Nov-10 Opua NZ
151 Remove and repair curtain tieback bracket 2 in forepeak and 2 in aft cab Nov-10 Opua NZ
150 Replace temporary lightning conductor Nov-10 Opua NZ
149 Mainsail sail batten holder repair, add new telltails and refix bolt rope Nov-10 Opua NZ
148 Change AIS Ariel for new tuned one – Old one full of water! Nov-10 Opua NZ
147 Repair wind generator mounting and replace broken blade Nov-10 Opua NZ
146 Replace torn hydrovane sail Nov-10 Opua NZ
145 Flush drinking water tank and replace filter Nov-10 Opua NZ
144 Repair/replace tricolour Nov-10 Opua NZ
143 Scrub hull Oct-10 Fiji
142 Temporary repair to lower seam on sprayhood Oct-10 Fiji
141 Splice stainless eyes onto para anchor bow lashings & rig for NZ passage Oct-10 Fiji
140 Replace toggles on lower shrouds, cap shrouds and babystay (FOC from Staylock) Oct-10 Fiji
139 Replace broken lightning conductor air terminal with temporary fix Oct-10 Fiji
138 Clean BBQ’s (NZ prep) Oct-10 Fiji
137 Strip #2 genoa and stow in forepeak (NZ prep) Oct-10 Fiji
136 Repair cable on anchor chain counter remote control Oct-10 Fiji
135 Replace pole up line (using good part of old topping lift) Oct-10 Fiji
134 Clean and flush anchor locker (NZ prep) Oct-10 Fiji
133 Engine service work Oct-10 Fiji
132 Aft heads clear and open antisyphon vent and repair toilet lid Oct-10 Fiji
131 Clean and oil bikes (NZ prep) Oct-10 Fiji
130 Clean dinghy hull (NZ prep) Oct-10 Fiji
129 Repair broken plastic casing on bow navigation light and remove corrosion rorm innards Oct-10 Fiji
128 Replace danbuoy toplight battery Oct-10 Fiji
127 Scrub hull (only 4 weeks after haul-out!) Oct-10 Fiji
126 Engine service work & adjust stop cable Oct-10 Fiji
125 Service leaking Lemar saloon hatch – cut and add new neoprene seal on stay Oct-10 Fiji
124 Add small solar powered automatic anchor light to aft A frame (for when we forget) Oct-10 Fiji
123 Replace seized galley tap Oct-10 Fiji
122 Tighten lower Hydrovane bolts after movement detected under sail Oct-10 Fiji
121 Engine service work Oct-10 Fiji
120 Add transom shower head and shut-off valve Oct-10 Fiji
119 Adjust stern gland Oct-10 Fiji
118 Hull & deck cut & polish, new shaft anode, fix shaft bearing, jetwash hull, antifoul prop, repair Cuprotect Oct-10 Fiji
117 Re-bond forward propshaft bearing back into housing Oct-10 Fiji
116 Repair damage to cuprotect antifouling Oct-10 Fiji
115 Obtain new drogue to replace the one lost off Colombian coast Sep-10 Fiji
114 Repair cockpit grating and rub down Sep-10 Fiji
113 Strip and service saloon hatch roller screen/mosi net following dousing Sep-10 Fiji
112 Strip and service windlass, re-align drive after hard pull while anchoring Sep-10 Fiji
111 Add water level gauge for main tanks and calibrate to 10ltr increments Sep-10 Fiji
110 Re-shim port davit winch bearing to correct excessive sideways slop Sep-10 Fiji
109 Investigate squeak in steering train, destrangulate sterngland greaser Sep-10 Fiji
108 Tighten stern gland rubber jubilee clips Sep-10 Fiji
107 Replace starboard outhaul and repair port one (chafe damage) Sep-10 Fiji
106 Replace chaffed topping lift (dia 12mm x 43 metres Sep-10 Fiji
105 Fridge bilge pump strip and unblock hoses Aug-10 Fiji
104 Strip and grease forward twizzle pole ends Aug-10 Fiji
103 Clean log paddle wheel Aug-10 Fiji
102 Make new port/starboard indicator for Hydrovane control Aug-10 Fiji
101 Strip outboard carburetor and clean all jets and galleries, adjust throttle cable Aug-10 Fiji
100 Repair boom at front end, strip, re-rivet and bolt where required. Aug-10 Fiji
99 Repair broken reef clutch in boom front Aug-10 Fiji
98 Replace masthead LED anchor bulb Aug-10 Fiji
97 Routine check of all shroud tops Aug-10 Fiji
96 Install RS232 connector onto GPS take-off to power back-up chart plotter on PC Aug-10 Fiji
95 Outboard repair, strip & clean carburetor Aug-10 Fiji
94 Replace deck socket LED at breaker panel and add resistor Jul-10 Fiji
93 Lower hydrovane to improve rudder depth and reduce sail damage on A frame Jul-10 Fiji
92 Tension cap shrouds Jul-10 Fiji
91 Re-route 12v socket switch to include computer DC-DC converter Jul-10 Fiji
90 Replace Hydrovane sail due to chafe with A frame Jul-10 Fiji
89 Mend deck scrubbing broom (head fell off) Jul-10 Fiji
88 Obtain Navionics chart for New Zealand Jul-10 Fiji
87 Recover leech line on Genoa (disappeared up inside sail) Jul-10 Fiji
86 Tighten upper Hydrovane fixing bolts after some movement detected under sail Jul-10 Fiji
85 Repair and reinforce fixing solution on Twizzle rig poles Jul-10 At Sea
84 Adjust stern gland Jun-10 Niue
83 Replace lines for lifebuoy para drogues (degraded by UV) Jun-10 At Sea
82 Repair saloon seat cushion buttons x4 (dropped off) Jun-10 At Sea
81 Revarnish aft cab port cupboard top where DEET spillage eat through it Jun-10 At Sea
80 Engine service work Jun-10 Bora Bora
79 Adjust stern gland Jun-10 Bora Bora
78 Replace breaker panel red LED for freezer. Add resistor Jun-10 Raiatea
77 Replace lower shrouds and babystay after finding crack in strands on port cable Jun-10 Raiatea
76 Engine service work Jun-10 Tahaa
75 Replace anchor light (blown LED) May-10 Raiatea
74 Engine service work – Following power drop off in Morea due to fuel filter blockage. May-10 Morea
73 Mend Hydrovane control line May-10 Morea
72 Adjust stern gland May-10 Morea
71 Service fresh water filter May-10 Morea
70 Add packing in bottom connection of rod kicker to stop clunking noise May-10 Morea
69 Obtain set of Stalok fittings for emergency repairs May-10 Morea
68 Water maker pump failure, try re-plumb feeds to remove airlocks or turbulence in hoses May-10 Morea
67 Aft heads, replace dia 38 pump out hose clogged with calcium May-10 Tahiti
66 Remove and stow both headsails ready to have clews repaired of chafe May-10 Tahiti
Retention rigging, check all terminals
May-10 Tahiti
64 Engine air filter damaged, cobble interim solution while we obtain new part from UK May-10 Tahiti
63 Address watermaker high pressure hose leak, strip and adjust May-10 Tikehau
62 Change blown tricolour bulb at masthead, check over standing rig on way down May-10 Tikehau
61 Dinghy drop down wheels jammed on landing repair and fettle May-10 Tikehau
60 Scrub hull May-10 Manihi
59 Engine service work Apr-10 Nuka Hiva
58 Check/clear engine cooling water intake for possible constriction and clear Apr-10 Nuka Hiva
57 Repair kedge anchor roller bent in the Galapagos anchorage Apr-10 Nuka Hiva
56 Check windlass drive alignment and adjust after hard pull while anchoring Apr-10 Nuka Hiva
55 Change oil in watermaker Apr-10 Fatu Hiva
54 Make plywood cover to protect SSB fibre optic cable from accidental damage Apr-10 Fatu Hiva
53 Strip and service wheel locking clamp Apr-10 Fatu Hiva
52 Change Seagull drinking water filter Apr-10 Pacific
51 Repair split sailbag Apr-10 Pacific
50 Repair mosquito nets in aft cabin Apr-10 Pacific
49 Adjust stern gland Mar-10 Galapagos
48 Replace all Stalok rigging toggles with new ones (7 locations supplied FOC) Mar-10 Galapagos
47 Engine exhaust elbow overheat repair Mar-10 Galapagos
46 Sew up damage to lifebuoy cover caused by wave damage off Colombian coast Mar-10 Galapagos
45 Check and tighten all shroud chain plates Mar-10 Galapagos
44 Clean hull and transom Mar-10 Galapagos
43 Strip out cobbled engine exhaust muffler and replace with new one arrived from UK Mar-10 Galapagos
42 Engine service work Mar-10 Galapagos
41 Replace Raymarine VHF handset due to failure of faulty coiled cable Mar-10 Galapagos
40 Sew anti chafe patches onto dinghy cover around areas where it contacts davits Mar-10 Galapagos
39 Hull clean, new shaft anode, service seacocks, antifoul prop, polish boot line dried on legs in Mogamoga Feb-10 Panama
38 Replace main halliard snap shackle and re-splice Feb-10 Panama
37 Modify twizzle rig to improve control and reduce chafe around universal joint Feb-10 Panama
36 Splice stainless eyes onto Panama warps in case of temporary use for drogue tow Feb-10 Panama
35 Repair stitching in mainsail stackpack sail zip Feb-10 Panama
34 Paint forward heads radiator rust around inlet/outlets Feb-10 Panama
33 Mend broken ensign flagstaff Feb-10 Panama
32 Repair cooker ignition system after dousing received off Colombian coast Feb-10 Panama
31 Repair damage to cockpit spray hood from wave damage off Colombia Feb-10 Panama
30 Fit deck locker with solar powered extractor to dissipate heat from fridge Feb-10 Panama
29 Modify companionway hatch top to prevent sticking when opening from below Feb-10 Panama
28 Engine service work Feb-10 Panama
27 Make rudder gland drip collector (GRP) and plumb drain forward to strum box Feb-10 Panama
26 Make outboard handle cover to reduce scratching when loading it to the transom stowage Jan-10 Bonaire
25 Make new bungee lashing for aft diesel tank stowage (old one allows too much movement Jan-10 Union Is.
24 Repair broken outboard lock Jan-10 Union Is.
23 Repair broken toilet lid hinge in forward heads Jan-10 Union Is.
22 Engine service work – Repair broken throttle control cable – Part no: 1140182-3.75m-73371 Jan-10 Dominica
21 Add anti chafe measure on up-haul (protective hose) Jan-10 Dominica
20 Cut and fit anti slip mats in galley cupboard to stop rattling and knocking noises Jan-10 Dominica
19 Fuel cans – reverse fitting to improve stability Jan-10 Dominica
18 Make velcro tiebacks for saloon curtains to stop them sliding closed at sea Jan-10 Dominica
17 Engine service work Dec-09 Antigua
16 Make extended tail for D400 windgenerator – Inadequate directional stability Dec-09 Antigua
15 Replace fwd heads toilet pump valves and seals Dec-09 Antigua
14 Clean log paddle wheel Dec-09 Antigua
13 Install cabin cooling fans x 5 Dec-09 Antigua
12 Replace drinking water filter Dec-09 Antigua
11 Outboard repair, seized transmission control linkage Dec-09 Antigua
10 Make canvas covers for diesel jerrys Dec-09 Antigua
9 Make diesel jerry platforms at granny bars Dec-09 Antigua
8 Add uphaul fairlead Dec-09 Antigua
7 Bilge pump handle socket – cast in a brass insert to worn handle socket Dec-09 Antigua
6 Stuffing box drip tray, remake to catch spray from shaft Dec-09 Antigua
5 Add cup holder by chart table Dec-09 Antigua
4 Deck light lens repair Dec-09 Antigua
3 Repair and service bikes, replace broken bike pedal Dec-09 Antigua
2 Tricolour replace bulb Dec-09 Antigua
1 Engine service work Nov-09 Lanzarotte
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