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Ready for the off

Camomile after her final lift a few weeks ago ready for the Indian ocean

Camomile after her final lift a few weeks ago ready for the Indian ocean

We’ve been preparing Camomile for this trip for almost a year now starting on 1st February last year when Camomile was lifted at Rebak for her major refit. Now after the rudder bearings were completely overhauled, her steering completely overhauled, a complete new paint job, new teak woodwork, new propshaft, new main sail and genoa, new sprayhood and bimini, as well as engine serviced, and numerous other jobs she’s finally ready to leave. Are we ready? I think so, every single nook and cranny has been filled with food and alcohol and I did a huge load of washing today. We’ve checked out of Thailand and are sitting in Nai Harn bay ready to head out sometime in the next week bound for Sri Lanka and the Indian ocean. The passage to Sri Lanka is a little over 1000 miles and will probably take about 7 or 8 days. No facebook but don’t worry about us. Will try to send messages this way which will pass through to facebook but we won’t receive any replies until we get to Sri Lanka.


During this year we hope to spend February in Sri Lanka, we have a 30 day visa.

March we’ll sail to the Maldives which is about 700 miles so that will probably take about 5 to 6 days. We will apply for a 60 day cruising permit there which will take us to the second week in May.

Next stop will be BIOT Chagos about 300 miles from the bottom of the Maldives so just a couple of days to get there.  Chagos is a British Indian Ocean territory leased to the Americans. The permits are quite hard to obtain (we haven’t got ours yet) but it’s supposed to be beautiful so hopefully all the paperwork will be worth it.  The permit will be for 28 days but we’ll be watching for a weather window and may leave before the permit expires.

The next destination will be Mahe in the Seychelles, another 1000 miles, 7 or 8 days again. Depending on the weather we should be arriving there sometime towards the end of June spending the rest of June and July there. In August we’ll have a mosey around the island groups to the west of Mahe and hopefully spend a week or so in the Comores.

September we’ll cross to Madagascar and some time in October to South Africa but it all gets a bit hazy that far away.

That’s the plan – written in the sand at low tide but hopefully it will come to fruition.

So we now we wait for a weather window.

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