Wall of shame

Whether you’re out in the deep oggin, anchored off a remote island in the back of beyond, or out for a spin in the Solent the last thing you want to worry about is being let down by equipment made by people who should be capable of doing better.


Product Problem
Raymarine Instruments and course computer Following years of flawed performance by the ST60 and its course computer, lightning damage caused a brand new 17,000 gbp system with a 3 year warranty to be installed. Salvation? Instruments work better than the ST60 but the autopilot EV1 course computer (known as the evil one) fails to compass reset and steering is unusably erratic if the sea is not like a millpond. The jury is still out but 4 months of technical support have so far failed to resolve this problem… Watch this space for the verdict on the best (or worst) Raymarine can do!
Zodiac Liferaft – Wilco Marine Services Auckland Zodiac care not about what the companies they grant servicing concessions to in NZ get up to. My raft was returned inoperable which, by pure chance, I spotted and had them re-do it right while I watched over them. No record of the re-work, no apology, no complaints procedure forthcoming, and no reply from the offices or their websites. More than shameful – Negligent!
Raymarine 215E VHF Good set, shame about the cheap rubbish coil cable on the command head!
Raymarine/Comar AIS transponder Between them Ray/Comar have invented a system that false alarms all through a night sail – AIS is great, shame about the engineering AGAIN!
Volvo MD2040 For reliability, so far so good BUT Outrageous spare parts prices – over £750 for a very simple gearbox part that should not have failed in the first place and £26 for a 20p O ring. Camomile’s thoughts: Leading spare parts rip-off merchant – No question – Buy elsewhere.
Mcmurdo EPIRB More to replace battery than to buy an new machine from their competitors. Duh! Needless to say I now use GME… faster, lighter and batteries last longer.
Hydronic DW5 After years of good service, developed a glitch that none of their engineers can fix so after £00’s of new parts – no hot water. Luckily, don’t need it much in the Tropics!

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