Camomile is having a rest

Camomile being lifted

Camomile being lifted

Camomile’s position is 04º12.6 north 100º36.1 east she is up on the side at Pangkor marina, Malaysia with Norsa by her side so she won’t be lonely.  Norman, Sara, Bill and I are in the UK where the temperature is 20C less than Malaysia!



Bill inspecting the hull after Camomile was lifted

Bill inspecting the hull after Camomile was lifted


Bill and I have come back to the Uk to celebrate James’s 30th birthday with him and Thomas on 1st November.  We hope to go to the WOA SCG AGM on 9th November.  The BWR reunion is on 15th/16th November and then we will be heading to Scotland mid December for Christmas with James and back to Malaysia early January.  Hopefully we’ll get to see many of our friends and family in between.

Bill is in France with the boys (or should I say young men) for a few days and I’ve been helping my sister’s Angela and Amanda sort out Mum’s bungalow

My UK mobile is 07968 351920 look forward to seeing many of you.

Camomile and Norsa

Camomile and Norsa

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