Antigua to St Martin

Our position at 10.00 Wednesday 5th April
17 35.8N
062 34.7W
40 miles to St Martin

Had a great few days in Antigua. Met up with 3 lots of friends. Gabby and Jonathan on Aqualuna, thanks for a fantastic evening and delicious meal you two, hope to see you further north. Tom and Susie, thought you had got rid of us… we found you again. Good to see you for the last time or is it….. Then we took Camomile around to Jolly harbour to check out and there sitting in the restaurant were Bob and Elaine of Pipistrelle what were the odds of that?!!

English harbour was very pretty as always but we were amazed at how the prices of everything have changed in 7/8 years. We were getting 4EC$ to the pound when we were here before now it’s down to 3EC$ to the pound. The restaurants were way over our budget but the hot spot cafe on the dockside in English harbour was good value and had good coffee and light meals with free internet AND a book swap! I had a good shuffle around of my read books with theirs and now have some good ones to read.

We spent a day in Falmouth harbour. Probably a better anchorage with more room although not so pretty. Met up with our friends then round to Jolly harbour yesterday to check out. They have a great supermarket there selling Waitrose foods. The customs/immigration were very helpful.

Jolly harbour was quite significant for us because we arrived there to check into Antigua exactly 7 years and 4 months ago with the Blue Water rally. We’ve only been south from there, so from now on it’s all new territory that we haven’t visited before.

We left Jolly harbour at 03.30 this morning for the sail to St Martin to meet up with more friends, Ian and Glenda on Lucy Alice. So far it’s been a great day, we have a nice gentle F4 on the beam with full sails on a calm sea. We are sailing passed St Barts but we’ll visit these islands again in the next year or two. We need to start heading north now.

I’ll post more photos when I get back on line, just relying on free wifi at the moment until we get to America.

Take care everyone. x

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