The final leg to Florida

Our position at 10.00 Thursday 27th April
22 52.2N
073 04.6W

Our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 today was 138 miles giving an average of 5.75kts

We have 452 miles to go to West Palm beach, Florida

On a course of 303 degrees with 8-12kts of apparent wind straight up our behind; perfect twizzle weather. Bill nearly put the second foresail up before we left but changed his mind, it’s too difficult to do at sea. We have a full main out on a preventer on the port side and a poled out genny on the starboard side. Every now and again the wind gets behind the sail and flicks it causing it to slam.

We had a good day yesterday sailing all day which was unexpected. The forecast was for light winds and we were expecting to motor sail but we’ve kept up a good speed since leaving the anchorage. During the night the wind strengthened a bit and the sails didn’t slam but this morning the wind has dropped a bit and we’re back to the occasional flicking.

A bit of excitement during the night, it’s always in the middle of the night. I went off watch at 01.00 and had just got into bed when I heard an unusual bang followed by Bill calling me. I came back on deck to see the pole down with the sail flapping. I put the deck lights on so Bill could go and investigate. The pole is attached to a slider on the mast. The sail had flipped up with the roll and a gust of wind at the same time that had allowed the pole to drop down the slider, knocking off the retaining block and shattered the pulley at the bottom, there were plastic bits all over the deck. We rolled the genny away and fortunately Bill was able to lift the pole back into place and re-secure it, job done. While the genny was away Bill decided we needed a reef in the main so we put that in then brought out the genny again. Finally I got to bed. Bill kindly let me have an extra half hour this morning.

The food situation is limited again on Camomile. I did some shopping in the Caribbean but didn’t buy too much because I won’t be allowed to take meat, dairy, fruit or veg into the States. According to the CBP website they inspect the boat and take away any fresh food you have on board like they did in Australia and New Zealand so I’ve run the freezer right down. I just have enough for this passage. As we are going home in 2 weeks time there’s no point in having a load of stuff on board that will go off any way. I’ll restock when we come back. So last night I fried a bit of bacon, cooked some ribbon pasta, drained it and added some cream, an egg yolk, parmesan and black pepper and it became a pasta carbonara.

There’s a small crisis on Camomile at the moment because I’ve run out of my Cappucino sachets. I do like my coffee at 11.00 and always manage to have supplies on board but I’ve only got one left which I’m saving for my birthday in case something happens and we’re still out here. It’s kind of an insurance, if I don’t drink it we’ll get there and I didn’t need to save it, if I drink it…..

All well on board.

The blog goes through to facebook but we can’t see facebook or your comments. I look forward to catching up with them all when we get to the US. If you wish to email us please use mdqf6 @ (take out the gaps)

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