Bermuda to the Azores – day 1

Our position at 10.00 (12.00 GMT) Saturday 2nd June
33 09 North (a quarter of the way home from the US)
062 33W

We have a tormenting 1695 miles to go to the anchorage in Horta in the Azores and our 19 hour run from 15.00 yesterday to 10.00 this morning was 118 miles giving an average 6.2kts. Which is a good start.

So we are back at sea. Yesterday was the third time we had decided to leave but the weather just wasn’t right on the previous times. Yesterday morning it looked good to go so we went in and checked out and here we are. We motored out of St George’s harbour, Bermuda at 3pm yesterday and the sails went straight up and the engine off. You can see from our stats that we’ve made a good start and have sailed through the night. The wind was F3 SE but it’s picked up to F4 now and gone round more to the south. It’s forecast to veer to the south west later today or tomorrow and then we can rig the twizzle. It’s all ready to go when the wind goes round. It would be wonderful if we could sail all the way to the Azores like that but alas there aren’t any trade wind in the Northern Atlantic and we have to take what we get!

I enjoyed Bermuda, it was a fantastic 2 week stopover. It started with the Royal wedding on our second day and continued to Bermuda day last Friday and onto lovely walking around the UNESCO site of St George’s where we were mostly anchored. Apart from the odd bad day we had blue skies the whole time.

A month ago today I was enjoying my fabulous birthday tea and, hopefully, 3 months today we’ll be arriving back in Port Solent for our arrival and 40th Anniversary party, but a lot of water still to pass under our keel.

I have sent our position to marine traffic this morning I hope it’s working.

Thanks to my sister who is posting these twitterings on Facebook.

All’s well on board.

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