Noumea to NZ day 2

Tuesday 25th October
Our position at 06.00 this morning
24 13.8 south
167 01.9 east
127 miles covered in the last 24 hours

We had a reasonable night as reasonable as one can traveling along at 30 degrees. The wind calmed down and it’s now a F4 but still ESE. As we are now 24 degrees south we are officially out of the tropics having passed over the tropic of Capricorn over night. We can still wear shorts and t-shirts during the day but the nights are getting chilly. The sea is not so choppy but we still have the long swells coming from the Tasman sea. About 4 boats left at the same time as us and the rest are leaving today. We have a boat called Mediterraneo with Stefan on board just behind us and we are able to keep contact on the VHF but as it’s an Island Packet I’m sure he’ll pull ahead in the next few days. I always listen to the SSB at 8am to see where the other boats are and have a chat with them. We had a boat cross our stern this afternoon and we discovered we knew them. It was called Panache having a lovely down wind sail from Fiji to Sydney, we had had a meal with them at Vuda point in Fiji – it’s a small world even on big oceans.

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