South Africa to the Caribbean – day 51

Our position at 10.00 (13.00 GMT) Sunday 12th March was
06 38N
048 01W
on a course of 287T with 30% cloud cover over sunny blue skies.
Our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 today was a disappointing 127 miles. Average 5.2kts We have 786 miles to go to Barbados

Things are back to normal now with watches taken in the cockpit again. We started losing our good current last night and seem to have moved into an area of adverse current. I watched our SOG drop from 7kts to 6kts to 5kts last night and then to a disappointing 3.9kts but the boat appeared to be doing the same speed. When Bill got up for his watch we took one of the reefs out which gave us a little more speed but we are heeling more now. This morning we still have a NE wind of 14 to 18kts blowing in moderate seas with the odd wave washing across the deck but the cockpit is dry. We are managing to keep an average speed of 5kts. The RTOFS files say the adverse current will continue today but we should pick up better current tomorrow. It is what it is quite frankly, it’s not like we can drop the anchor somewhere to wait for the current to change! Currents are a really pain, tides are bad enough but you expect them close to land, in open sea like this one assumes it’s just ‘plain sailing’ I wish!

We left St Helena 3 weeks ago today and have beaten our Pacific passage of 21 days, that will now become our third longest passage. Probably got another 5 or 6 days out here but this time next week I’ll be having a nice Sunday brunch some where, can’t wait.

The hardest thing on board when the boat is heeling (leaning) like this is the inertia of the waves. Camomile rises and falls with the waves but every now and again ‘slides’ down a wave causing every thing and every one to slid sideways if it’s not held down or you’re holding on. Simple every day jobs become a really chore. Washing up is difficult, everything has to be carefully stacked so things don’t go flying. A second person drying up doesn’t help because there’s only room for one person in my galley and if Bill dried up the plates and put them on the table they would go flying too. Getting dressed is another problem, you get one leg in a pant, the boat lurches and over you go! Can’t tell you how many bruises I’ve got. Luckily, sadly, I’m used to it and mostly cope with it.

The moon has been good the last couple of nights with the full moon being tonight. It makes night watch better when you can see further than the end of your arm. Lots of flying fish around us but only a few commit suicide on the decks. Ingvar on Marieke eats them, not sure I like the thought of that. All is well on the net. Marieke is about 60 miles to our port and Ganash is about 120 miles to our starboard. Antares has streaked on ahead but he is 60ft. Norsa and Solstice have left the Fernando islands and are heading towards the ITCZ and the equator. WOW are still in Fernando but maybe leaving today.

Last night I made a stir fry in a black bean sauce. I’ve still got 2 carrots, half a red pepper, one and a half green peppers, 2 red onions and 3 white onions so I chopped up a red onion, a carrot, the halves of the red and green peppers, stir fried them, added some strips of beef and a black bean sauce packet. Really nice. We decided not to have rice or noodles with it because we had eaten too many cookies earlier! 🙂

As it’s Sunday go for a walk for me simply because you can and think of me still out here while you’re walking. Maybe post me a photo on facebook.

All well on board.

The blog goes through to facebook but we can’t see facebook or your comments. I’ll catch up with them all in the Caribbean. If you wish to email us please use mdqf6 @ (take out the gaps) Stay safe everyone.

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