South Africa to the Caribbean – day 52

Our position at 10.00 (13.00 GMT) Monday 13th March was
07 44N
049 48W
on a course of 307T with 30% cloud cover over sunny blue skies.
Our 24 hour run from 10.00 yesterday to 10.00 today was 128 miles. Average 5.2kts We have 767 miles to go to Martinique

Yes we have changed our destination. Tom on Adina very kindly sent me the check in formalities for Barbados and we discovered they are charging US$375 for the first 2 days and $100 per day after that – and that’s just the port charges, anchorage is on top! If you also add marina fees on top of that it would have been very expensive, total madness. Even if we had that sort of money I refuse to pay it because they obviously don’t want yachts to go there and are only interested in superyachts. Those charges are designed to keep the riff raff out – so we aren’t going. It’s just over another 100 miles to Martinique so we’ve decided to go there instead. I’ve checked our old log book and entered our course from 2010 and set up a ‘finishing line’ so we will complete our circumnavigation before we go into the marina. Exciting.

So I spoke too soon saying I would be having a Sunday brunch on land. Hopefully we’ll arrive some time Sunday in time for sundowners but depends on our speed over the next few days. I think I put the kiss of death on Barbados by making a flag, won’t be needing that now. Martinique is French and I’ve got one of those.

Last night our speed slowly increased as we were gradually released from the grip of the adverse current. I take a log reading every 4 hours and keep a running record of our 24 hour mileage and the worse was at the 10pm log reading when the lowest we achieved was 120 miles in 24 hours, it’s gradually increasing now. Bill and I studied the RTOF files and if we moved 100 miles to our west we would pick up good current but that would add almost a day to our journey but we didn’t think the extra push from the current would save us a day plus you never know if those files are accurate. It would also mean the last part of our journey would be close hauled into head winds and we didn’t want to do that. If we were going to Trinidad or Grenade it might have worked but it was decided we would keep to our course and tough it out. According to the same files about 200 miles further on we get a good current anyway.

The skipper says we couldn’t ask for a better sail, 15kts on the beam with a slight to moderate sea. That’s ok if you like sailing!!

Spoke to Sara on Norsa this morning on the net. They are sailing well and expecting to cross the equator later today. Norman caught a wahoo yesterday and Ingvar on Marieke managed to catch a 40 to 50kg swordfish a few days ago. Well done to them, proves there are fish out here.

Last night I made lemon chicken with egg fried rice.
Take 1 large chicken breast or 2 small ones and cut it into cubes. Beat an egg in a small bowl and add the chicken cubes to coat them in the egg. Take a plate and sprinkle with a couple of spoons of cornflour and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Carefully transfer the egg coated cubes of chicken onto the cornflour (I use a fork) Take a shallow frying pan and add a splash of oil. Roll the chicken cubes in the cornflour and transfer to pan, this is messy add a little more cornflour if necessary they need to well coated. Pour the remaining egg over the cubes and gently shallow fry. When they are cooked on one side turn them over breaking up the egg you poured over. Meanwhile put some rice on to cook and chop up half a green pepper. Keep shaking and turning the chicken cubes gently, when cooked transfer to a bowl for a few minutes while you cook the pepper in the same pan. When the rice is almost cooked break an egg into the center but don’t stir leave to set while the rice finishes cooking. When the pepper is cooked put the chicken cubes back in the pan and add half a jar of lemon sauce (sorry I cheat I bought one in a lovely Chinese shop in the Seychelles) or a lemon stir fry sauce and simmer gently to heat up. When the egg is set in the rice give it a stir. serve with the lemon chicken on the top. One of my favourite dishes. Yum.

Hope you enjoyed your walk yesterday and felt better at work this morning.

All well on board.

The blog goes through to facebook but we can’t see facebook or your comments. I’ll catch up with them all in the Caribbean. If you wish to email us please use mdqf6 @ (take out the gaps) Stay safe everyone.

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