Azores to Spain or France – Day 2

Our position at 10:00 BST Tuesday 10th July

42 17 North 2 steps nearer to the UK. Oddly enough we were in the same latitude this time last year in the US. 025 26 West and 2 steps further east.

Could be going any where between Ireland and La Coruna in Spain. At the moment we’re heading to the Faroes off of Scotland!!

If we go to Camaret in France it’s 957 miles to go and our run from 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 this morning was 144 miles giving us an average of 6kts. 🙂

We had a nice sailing day yesterday. Once the engine went off at 6am it didn’t go back on until 2.30 this morning when the wind suddenly died. We had F3/4 all day coming from the ENE so we were close reaching all day. Thankfully my seasickness has gone now. The sea is calm with a long Atlantic swell which is rolling us slightly but not too bad. Bill’s tactic is head north north east until the wind starts coming from the north west some time tomorrow then we can turn onto the rhumb line for Camaret. At the moment we are motoring across a high so the engine is droning away.

Still only shorts and t-shirts but I put my slippers on for a few hours this morning because my feet were cold but back to bare feet now. It’s going to be so strange having socks and shoes on when we get back. We live in bare feet unless we go ashore and then if it’s to a beach or someone else’s boat, it’s bare feet again.

I cooked chili con carne with rice last night. I stocked up on fruit before we left so hopefully that will last for the first week and the passage shouldn’t be more than 9/10 days.

I think this blog should be going through to all the facebook pages now but it’s sent via an email so I can’t see facebook. I’ll look forward to my messages when I get in.

So it’s France V Belgium this evening. I wonder who will win? Can someone please let me know the result. 🙂

All’s well on board.

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